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Live With Your Head in the Clouds

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Today is perhaps not the best day to write about cloud appreciation because I am pretty glad there aren’t any to appreciate. This is the third day in a row of clear blue skies and I am absolutely revelling in it. 1,246 more words


Pen Pals

What ever happened to pen pals? The other day I was cleaning out drawers and found old letters from several pen pals that I had. I remember growing up, even until high school I had many pen pals that I exchanged letters, cards, drawings, and cute little gifts with. 217 more words


December Correspondence Campaign Part 2

Hi, wonderful reader!

My campaign of correspondence has been a great success so far with overwhelmingly positive feedback. And why not? Everyone loves getting mail that isn’t a bill, an ad, or some other sort of junk. 349 more words

Day 60 - Christmas Cards!

I’m finally getting around to sending a couple of christmas cards! I don’t have a ton of people to send them to, but my friend Annie sent me a card so of course I had to send one back! 25 more words

Letter to Avery

It’s so nice to be able to use my Christmas supplies again. :)


art, mail, and more

I like to make mail when I procrastinate.  I know there are exams to study for, but I’d much rather make something fun for my pen pals in New York and Denmark. 393 more words

Snail Mail

Day 58 - Ink Drop!

I finally inked up a pen with an ink from the recent Ink Drop shipment from Goulet Pens! The ink is Operation Overlord Orange, in my TWSBI Mini. 56 more words