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For the Love of Post!

Hands up who loves snail mail…


It’s so exciting to get post through your letter box. Not junk mail, REAL post. 124 more words


Another unexpected postcard from Karin!

What a surprise today to see another postcard from my friend Karin in Switzerland. This time she sends her postcard from Vienna in Austria. :)


First Letter to Bree in Canada

This is my first letter to Bree in Canada! She’s also the first penpal who I’ve met through this blog. I hope she like music because I decided to finally use up the rest of my music-related stickers. 14 more words


Snail Mail

Long time ago, when computers and smartphones didn’t exist yet, people communicated through snail mail and telegram. But now, some people don’t even know what snail mail is. 257 more words


Free Chocolate and Nail Polish

I apparently sent out for a sweepstakes last month. I completely forgot that I had entered and was pleasantly surprised by a little box in the mail today. 35 more words

Staying Happy

Make: Journal Card as Pretty & Quick Postcard

Snail mail on my mind!

Yesterday I spent a good part of the afternoon working on letters for the Snail Mail Project (so fun!) and while I was in the zone I discovered a fun, quick way to send an adorable note or thank you to someone that literally takes a couple minutes to do but still gives a thoughtful and heartfelt impression. 220 more words