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Birthday card - Snail Mail - The Netherlands ~ 25/07/14

Birthday card – Snail Mail – The Netherlands  ~ 25/07/14

Hello everyone! :D

This card come to my mailbox (25/07/14) and I was very happy about it! 143 more words

Blog July 2014

Cat Postcard

I’m still catching up on my pile of mail. I’ve caught up to June…it’s a slow process. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few interesting pieces of mail I’ve received lately.  132 more words

Snail Mail

Snazzy Snail Mail

Who doesn’t love to find a personal piece of mail in their mailbox at the end of a long workday? I may be alone here, but handwritten letters, hand-addressed mail, or anything along the lines of non-mass-produced make me really happy! 422 more words

The Lovely Bee

From Frenc in Hungary

This postcard came in a direct swap with Frenc. He wanted my Born Free postcard and I requested this one he had of two giraffes. 70 more words


Lovely Letters July

So this lady friend I met through a mutual friend at bible study one night—It’s been a few years we’ve been IGing/FBing each other here and there. 250 more words

Snail Mail

Snailmail Roundup #18: California, New York, & Taiwan

Hello all, here are a few pictures of my most recent mail.

Letter from Derick in Southern California:

Letter from Ling Shen in Taiwan:

Letter from Tiffany in NY:

Letter from Iris in Mexico:

Chocolate from Belgium

Kyaaa, pertama kali menerima kartu pos ini, saya langsung lonjak-lonjak dikamar, ini kartu pertama yang saya terima dari Belgia dan shaped card >.< 

Awalnya saya bingung kenapa bentuk kartunya seperti itu, biasanya shaped card mengikuti bentuk gambar yang ditampilkan, setelah beberapa hari diteliti * 84 more words