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MechaPumpkin - Snake Eyes

Cosplayer: MechaPumpkin
Character: Snake Eyes
From: G.I. Joe


You Rolled Star Eyes

“Your twin sisters. Your neighbor’s two poodles. Your vision during a dizzy spell. Your doppelgänger. Double can be interpreted in many ways.” 9 more words


Stay on same page instead of 404 when using FileResult in ASP.NET MVC

I have the following code in controller:

public ActionResult Download(string file){

        return File(File.Open(file, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read), contentType, newFilename);

    return ??;  //what should return here ? 39 more words
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Knowing is Half the Battle!

Continuing my 80’s nostalgia theme (Thundercats fans check back tomorrow), here are my two favorite characters from the beloved 80’s cartoon/toy line G.I. Joe. GO JOE! Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow:

Copic Markers