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In Lott’s Mountain, I have Father Stark, a Southern preacher that’s head of a snake-handling church. He’ll do what he has to, using those around him to gain the revenge he thinks he’s due. 87 more words

N.R. Allen

Poisonous legacies and new tongues

The basic hagiography of Francis Xavier goes something like this:
Born in 1506 in the Navarre region of France, Francis met Ignatius of Loyola as a young man, and was greatly influenced by his friendship. 1,246 more words

Lectionary Reflection

Is it already too late for the West?

Last night, my brother and I were discussing a few things. What is ironic is that we first discussed islam and their latest horrific and ghastly deeds; then we moved right into a discussion about snakes and how I was surprised to see so many active at this late time of year. 898 more words

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