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BOOM! Teases Snake Plissken

BOOM! Studios clearly has a good relationship with John Carpenter. Carpenter’s movie Big Trouble in Little China is recently launched comic series by him, and it looks like another of his characters will be coming back to the comic page (ironically also portrayed by Kurt Russell, who was in… 61 more words


STACK Pod – Ep 61 – LFCC 2014

This week we made our way to London’s Earls court and London Film and Comicon 2014 with loads and we mean loads of famous guests including; George A Romero, John Hurt, Anthony Head, Lena Heady, Jenna Coleman, Carrie Fisher to name just a few, but the real coup de grace was the man himself STAN LEE!!!!! 64 more words


First Book Review

As in my What Do Yo Want To Read On This Blog-poll some of you also voted for “Reviews of inspiring books” I will start a new section containing my thoughts on books I have read and I found worth reading. 572 more words


Escape from L.A.

I really enjoyed Big Trouble in Little China when I watched it randomly a month ago. Kurt Russell was a charming reciter of silly one liners, the action was awesome, and the plot rushed along with enough interesting plot points along the way to keep my whiskey soaked brain entertained. 548 more words