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Preview of The Snake skin low top concord 11s

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Air Jordans

Go Faux Snakeskin.

In support of Spring, I just purchased a pair of these Steve Madden slip on sneakers. The combination of faux snake skin and flat studs, create a brilliantly urban and chic shoe. 21 more words


Halters seem to be the new fad lately, being the perfect rider to any outfit. Panache Goods a creative and innovative mind from the opposite end of the sphere, there now is even more to love. 76 more words

Color Blocking

These colors are like happiness in a bottle!  I just love the play on brights and textures.  The pale blue stone in the pendant and ring contrasts perfectly with the yellow for a carefree look.   47 more words


Snake Skin


BECAUSE they move without limbs, snakes need robust skin that can withstand constant friction. Some species climb up rough tree trunks, while others burrow into abrasive sand. 192 more words

Was It Designed

peeping at pumps

Diba Shadow Pump, $40 at DSW

Something great about a shoe that inspires an outfit! And a pretty good deal too… gotta love DSW! 6 more words


A Portrait of the Artist in Winter

Took the day to walk around SoHo and do some brunching at The Public with a few friends.


Still loving my Madeline Chadwick bag!