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2 Suns in Cairo, Egypt's sky ....on a News-papyrus !

2 Suns in Cairo, Egypt’s sky ….on a News-papyrus !

Notice the wings on the 2′nd reddish sun ? see magnified bottom pic?

It’s a news-Papyrus which I believe was leaked out of recently discovered in Amon Hotob III discovery in Luxor, 78 more words

Snap Shots

To jump or not to jump....

……that’s the big question.

But I didn’t jump and took these pictures instead :)

@TriNoMa, 4th level, Mindanao parking

Quezon City, Philippines

March 2014

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Vatican invites Aliens to be baptized الفاتيكان يدعوا المخلوقات الفضائيه للتعميد ؟

Vatican’s astronomer: the Catholic Church welcomes aliens

According to the telegraph.co.uk
Highly evolved extra terrestrial lifeforms may be living in space and would be welcomed into the church – “no matter how many tentacles”, one of the Pope’s astronomers has said. 193 more words

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" Arte efímero" en la Puerta de Palos...

Como si de arte efímero se tratara, os dejo foto del suelo de la Puerta de Palos de la Catedral de Sevilla. Obligado paso para las hermandades, que va formando a lo largo de la Semana Santa una gruesa amalgama de ceras de colores de todos y cada uno de los pasos tras concluir la estación de penitencia.

Foto: Cristina Ybarra.

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Vatican confirmed ET presence الفاتيكان يؤكد وجود الكائنات الفضائيه

Vatican News Radio – Pope To Make Major Announcement Regarding ET Life Easter Day

The Vatican wants to prove that those ET aliens has the same God….I wonder which one ? 492 more words

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NASA re-announces a recently announced discovery of Kepler-186f or VP-113, tweaked

NASA re-announces a recently announced discovery of Kepler-186f or VP-113, tweaked

Here the original discovery  as it was pointing to Planet X AKA Nibiru

New work from Carnegie’s Scott Sheppard and Chadwick Trujillo of the Gemini Observatory reports the discovery of a distant dwarf planet, called 2012 VP113, which was found beyond the known edge of the Solar System. 786 more words

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Free energy for ever ! طاقه مجانيه للابد

Free energy for ever !طاقه مجانيه للابد

Thanks to principle of magnetic repulsion

You are going to need a magnet, PC / CPU fan, Low voltage bulb and 2 wires… 197 more words

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