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Track is back

At the Crossplex in Birmingham, Alabama.
Auburn Invitational.

Snap Shots

Snapshots 34: Minor insecurities

Oh hello, you lot. I’m struggling at the moment to not feel as though I’m totally slacking in the old blog department of late… I feel I’m letting you down since my post regularity has dwindled a little and maybe my content lately is a little naff too… Not sure. 785 more words

Snap Shots

The Creepy Christmas Elf

Since Thanksgiving, my husband and I have been enjoying a game of “Hide The Creepy Elf.” Here are a few pictures of this event.

In the end my husband won the game by scaring the crap out of me. 28 more words

One Sassy Homemaker

Snapshots 33: That bit between Christmas and New Year

That bit between Christmas and New Year this year was mainly spent doing two things: working and eating.
1. Christmas Day with my mum – 2. 353 more words


Snapshots 32: The build up to Christmas

Christmas has felt a little strange this year. It was a little bit jumbled, mildly dysfunctional, somewhat disorganised and terribly adhoc. It all felt a little bit backwards really, and by the time I went to bed on Christmas Eve, I felt like it had finished before it had even started! 625 more words


One Sassy Week

There was much baking.

There was no power because of a huge wind storm.

There was a cat in a sink.

It was a week! :) 14 more words

One Sassy Homemaker