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Snapshots: 19

There aren’t very many snapshots in my Snapshots this week compared to my usual offering, you many notice. That is because this week has been rather a self indulgent one actually, and so most of the snapshots, had I included more, would be mainly of… erm… me! 587 more words


For your eyes only!

Kakinada town is in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. You might doubt why I have mentioned the name of this specific town when there are hundreds of such towns in India. 157 more words

Snap Shots


Snap Shots. Ciudadela.

Entrando en el puerto de Ciudadela.

Callejeando por el puerto.


Snapshots: 18

Slap on the wrist, I missed my snapshots post last Friday. I know – bad blogger. But then I had informed you I was away being super busy and important so actually – good blogger; I keep you in the loop at least. 609 more words


Snapshots: Week 17

This week has been rather a big one as momentous occasions go. Rather a big one indeed. Ironic really, considering I only began my new  895 more words