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Post-Coitus Pics.

My friends need to stop snapchatting me post-sex pictures of them lying in bed. I’d normally give a silent nod of approval with a whispered giggity. 31 more words


Teenagers and Social Media

This is the first time where adult life is starting to kick in. When creating a social media strategy recently, I was puzzled on how to engage with teenagers and the younger population.  319 more words

Snapchat, Just a fad?

Hello my disciples. I’m back for another discussion and another blog in which I will be sharing my thought and opinions with you. Today my friends the topic at hand is Snapchat. 421 more words



So I just totally bashed through season 3 of Girls. Doesn’t work out very well for anyone – career is totes the way to go. 224 more words

Apple Takeover

It had been decades since the beginning of Apple ruling the world. It wasn’t the CEO or diligent worker drones that lead the mindless takeover, it certainly wasn’t the human consumers either, but the Apple himself that controlled all his loyal minions. 1,404 more words


America’s founders were not thinking about computers when they wrote the Bill of Rights

by Daniel Zwerdling

Science-fiction writers have fantasized for years about the government monitoring everything we do. For example, there’s a classic scene in the 2002 movie  306 more words

Good Friday

Day 18:

Again, too busy to post.

Or maybe there wasn’t anything to post. Idk.

It’s Good Friday! I wanted to take the morning to work and the evening to spend time with the fam, but that didn’t entirely come to pass the way I wanted it to. 263 more words