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One of the coolest Harry Potter weddings ever!

Having a Harry Potter-themed wedding is something many Potter fans dream about, but would we actually do it? As Offbeat Bride discovered, Joshua and Meredith not only had a Harry Potter wedding, but did so in SPECTACULAR style! 127 more words

Harry Potter Universe

Severus Snape Quotes (A Very Potter Musical)

“What the devil is going on heeerre?” (Too many instances to cite)

“And remember, a portkey can be a seemingly harmless object, like… a football, or… a dolphin.” (Act 1, Part 3) 141 more words

Snape, Mayer, and Microwaves

I want to try to write about one part of my day, every day. Day 1:

Today, I watched Love, Actually for the first time. Yes, it is mid-April and this is a Christmas movie. 288 more words

The Deathly Hallows, Chapter 32: That Which Lies At The End of the Path

Goodness. This is my last post. That’s sad. And exciting. Because it means the archive is coming and the archive will persist. It’s not the end, though (it’s never the end!) because we still have that wrapup post coming OOPS SPOILERS. 2,933 more words

Harry Potter

A Love Letter to Harry Potter...

I can never remember exactly when I first opened the pages of the Harry Potter series. There is no distinct date to put on the day I began reading The Sorcerer’s Stone, I can barely recall the year. 983 more words

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JK Rowling is a genius

It’s not a well known fact that J.K.Rowling spent 5 years setting up the rules of what her characters could/could not do as well as the “world” they would inhabit. 627 more words