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2014-08-17 The Severus Rose; Black Rose Challenge

Title: The Severus Rose
Challenge: Black Rose Challenge
Team: DE
Rating: PG
Length: 4 X 100
A/N: I have always loved the oddballs of nature – blue food, purple potatoes, yellow watermelons. 410 more words


The Prince kept them Alive.

On a rusty old arm chair, in a dusty old house, a pale greasy haired man sat with an old goblet filled with some very questionable rum. 600 more words


Severus Snape Does Not Deserve Your Pity

Can I say this out loud? Well… here it goes: it really bugs me when people get all weepy about Severus Snape and his somber, torturous tale. 1,460 more words

2011-08-11 A First Time – If It Had Been Planned, Which It Hadn’t

Title: A First Time – If It Had Been Planned, Which It Hadn’t – A Gift in honour of LJ’s Akatnamedeaster’s birthday
Rating: So NC-17 it’s blushing… 1,344 more words


Snape and Orford

Have spent the weekend with friends at an excellent CL in Orford. I like this area a lot and a visit to Snape (photo) once again reminds me how much I like the waterways around here. 42 more words

Christopher Macgowan

Harry Potter Stamps at Your Local Post Office Equals Treasure Trove

“I’d like a book of stamps, please,” came my usual request.

“Flags, birds, flowers, or Harry Potter?”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise as the final item in that sequence was waved in front of me. 133 more words