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Chapter 32: That Which Lies At The End of the Path

Goodness. This is my last post. That’s sad. And exciting. Because it means the archive is coming and the archive will persist. It’s not the end, though (it’s never the end!) because we still have that wrapup post coming OOPS SPOILERS. 2,933 more words

Harry Potter

JK Rowling is a genius

It’s not a well known fact that J.K.Rowling spent 5 years setting up the rules of what her characters could/could not do as well as the “world” they would inhabit. 627 more words


So, I’m obsessed with mugs and all things Hogwarts related, and I recently won something from an awesome giveaway that has both of those things! A teacup/mug with a quote from Snape. 149 more words



“R — r — riddikulus! “squeaked Neville.

There was a noise like a whip crack. Snape stumbled; he was wearing a long, lace-trimmed dress and a towering hat topped with a moth-eaten 

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Dumbledore is a Dick.

So it’s my first blog post on here, figured I needed some content. This is purely for all the random bullpoop that goes on in my head in hopes that some of it, if any, entertains someone other than myself. 588 more words


Snape's Secrets

Did you know that Alan Rickman was especially chosen for the role of Severus Snape by J.K. Rowling herself? She even told him parts of Snape’s back story that weren’t revealed until the last book.