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Meet the two-headed turtle you need to see today

A Maine woman trying to help turtle cross the road got the surprise of her life when she discovered a two-headed little snapper stuck in a hole. 133 more words


Maine woman finds 2-headed baby snapping turtle

HUDSON, Maine (AP) — A woman in Maine has come across a two-headed baby snapping turtle that was trying to cross the road.

Kathleen Talbot of Hudson tells WLBZ-TV she found the tiny creature this week while she was watching turtle hatchlings to make sure they arrived safely at the other side of the street. 72 more words


Mightier Than a Martial Arts Proficient Turtle

Our heroic tale takes us back to a time when we were innocently hoping for a nice hot summer (amazingly enough our campers did swim at every opportunity throughout the season!). 1,352 more words

High Park

Ninja Turtle??? South Dakota Style

Yep, cruising along the highway between South Dakota and Nebraska, we saw a dark something in the road ahead. that looked like a piece of rubber  tire from a truck.  291 more words

Thirsty Thursday

This old snapper looked to be on the prowl, so Ol’ Wally just let him go about his business while I scooted up the nearest tree.

Backyard Habitat

and then there was a turtle

About a month or so ago, there was a Turtle of Enormous Size who decided to cross a road. A couple of men had stopped to help it across. 462 more words

How To Move A Snapping Turtle