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Wild Child

Hello Flowers of the world,

oh wow. It’s been quite a while since I lasted posted something. Really sorry about that cause I was darn busy with band camps and preparations for our upcoming concert (which I secretly hope that it will end ASAP cause I’m so done with band for the year urgh).I’m not gonna post or talk about any art today (again) cause I think I need to do a little of self reflection. 435 more words

I’m Black: Truth Does Not Matter

The race war imposed on Ferguson, Missouri,[1] is emblematic of how racism pervades the modern-day civil rights movement as led by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other race-mongers, 1,050 more words

Topical Snapple and Consumerism

I went into BJ’s with my Mom today for the first time in years.

She hasn’t been a member there for many years because of this simple point: “If I buy a case of Snapple, the kids drinks a case of Snapple. 77 more words


How Companies Are Giving Back To Local Communities

Philanthropy-focused corporations and businesses recognize that healthy, robust communities are integral to their bottom line. Supporting neighborhood-based initiatives and projects not only keeps companies solvent, but also beautifies local roadways and parks, helps to maintain robust schools, libraries and places of worship and creates high levels of civic pride and safety. 452 more words

Corey Whelan