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True Stunn-tas (Part 3)

This blog is a continuation on guerilla/experimental advertising. Each post in this three-part installment will explore several methods of experimental advertising and using various marketing stunts to raise awareness.  471 more words

Araneis Vicinis

I’m starting to like the spiders that have moved into my apartment—

their cobwebs are like poems

each different and

spun of the survival strand… 289 more words

Rules of the Ronvo

Over the weekend, I had a “ronvo. (A repeated “convo”…which stands for “conversation.” So a “repeated conversation.”)

You know those conversations that you have with people, during which you think to yourself, … 1,514 more words

Big Soda Companies Agree to Reduce Beverage Calories by 20 Percent, Promote Water

Big Soda has agreed to go on a diet and scale back the calories in its sugary drinks.

A consortium formed by the American Beverage Association, The Coca-Cola Co., Dr. 210 more words



Sometimes I get on these “kicks”.

Lately it’s been a SNAPPLE kick.

I loved Snapple when I lived in New York and drank a ton of it.   84 more words


Changes To Your Favorite Sodas To Reduce Your Waistline

Some of the largest manufacturers of soda in the U.S. have a plan to cut drink calories by 20 percent in ten years. This means your Coke, Pepsi, Dr. 106 more words


Snapple's Contaminated Product Filled With Carcinogens

On Monday, November 25, 2013 I opened and drank from a Mango Snapple (from one of two a 12-pack boxes), which I purchased from my neighborhood Shoprite store on 11/14/13. 890 more words

And Meleagrin.