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April 17 (Dalek Day 107/365)

It was an intriguing scene that we stumbled upon today and I had no idea what to make of it.  The Dalek did though.  “Let’s keep moving,” it sniffed.   23 more words


April 14 (Dalek Day 104/365)

The Dalek was very interested to meet these skeletons and enjoy their company, having heard that even their bones are humerus. In fact, it expected them to be well-armed with all sorts of gags. 18 more words


April 13 (Dalek Day 103/365)

Tonight’s game night took a sinister turn with the sudden and unexpected appearance of a Card Shark.

(Apps used: Camera+, Snapseed)


April 1 (Dalek Day 91/365)

The Dalek is convinced that it has come up with a real moneymaker. “I hear so people say that they’d love to do certain things but they don’t because they can never get around to it.   61 more words


March 30 (Dalek Day 89/365)

I found the Dalek studying the real estate section of the newspaper today. It read in a report that most accidents happen within 20 minutes of home – and now the Dalek is convinced that we need to move further away! 16 more words


March 29 (Dalek Day 88/365)

The Dalek proves that it is up to the challenge of stepping up and tackling those issues that many shy away from.  Here, the Dalek addresses the elephant in the room. 14 more words


March 28 (Dalek Day 87/365)

Friday night, and time to crack open a bottle of Peter Lehmann red.  And course, whenever the wine flows freely, sip happens!

(apps used: Pro Cam 2, Color Leap, Color Splash, Snapseed)