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Make My Tequila Reposado, With a Shot of Snapseed

How do you shoot tequila? Chances are, whatever your preferences, it won’t stay contained for long, if you throw a tequila-tasting party.

Your glorious array… 203 more words

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July 18 (Dalek Day 197/365)

The blue Dalek had a deep and meaningful question for me today. “Why do all of the electrical outlets in the USA have a surprised look on their faces? 63 more words


July 14 (Dalek Day 195/365)

The Daleks noticed a new sign on their walk this morning.

“What do you think it means?,” one of them asked.

“I have no idea,” the other replied. 27 more words


July 13 (Dalek Day 194/365)

“Good grief Dalek – what are you doing to that poor pig?!?”

“Can’t you tell? I’m seeing what it is like to live high on the hog!” 17 more words


July 12 (Dalek Day 193/365)

What sort of day did the Daleks have today?  Let’s just say that there were so many time-outs that I don’t think the seat of the “naughty chair” ever got cool… 22 more words


July 11 (Dalek Day 192/365)

The Daleks have been a real handful lately.  Exasperated, I asked, “Is this bad behavior going to end any time soon?”   Both Daleks held up a tied up piece of rope and replied in unison, “Frayed knot!” 50 more words


July 8 (Dalek Day 189/365)

The Daleks were excited to make a new discovery today – although they didn’t know exactly what they had found.  “It has to be something significant though, right?”,  one of the asked. 24 more words