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fly in my eye

I got a fly
right in my eye
And it gave the excuse
I needed to cry


life update/july snapshots

Hi all! Some little updates before I get to the snapshots:

  • I’m in the process of applying to a grad program *crosses fingers
  • Becuz of this, I’ve been getting too anxious to the point where I can’t go back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night…
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uneasy sleep

We don’t sleep easy,
like we used to.
When there was still time
to see where things would lead,
whether we would or could hang on. 74 more words


Snapshot: August 1 2014

Snapshot: August 1 2014

I generally run this information through eReaderIQ.com (it’s just easier than Amazon), and there are some vagaries in the searches (both there and on Amazon). 2,723 more words



This week has been one that has been spent slowly recovering from being super sick. While I feel better, I’m still trying to deal with the whole “having zero energy” thing and it is currently at the stage where I can go play tennis for ten-fifteen minutes before I get dizzy and sleepy and just want to eat ice cream. 172 more words



July has been crazy busy for me, so I am excited to have a whole week off work and go on a real vacation. This weekend, I’m headed to one of my favorite places on Earth, Duck, NC, in the Outer Banks. 442 more words


Prowelled: Nikon D3200

So, way back when, I decided I needed a new hobby and photography was it. Now that I look book I think I was prematurely interested in photography. 398 more words