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Someone Who Doesn't Use The Internet Ever Decided Today Was #SnarkFreeDay

By Nadia Noir

Whether it’s a joke or for real, a company called PR Consultants Group supposedly decided to designate today (October 21) as #SnarkFreeDay. They define “Snark” as a mixture of “snide” and a “remark.” It also includes non-verbal cues like eye-rolling and and smirking. 88 more words


Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy!

For a while now (at least since 2008), Mock, Paper, Scissors has been saying that Y’all Qaeda is demographically challenged. The phrase we used was something along the lines of… 176 more words


Happy Hour News Briefs

News that will drive you to drink

Rev. Fishsticks warns us of Secular Sharia and says that The Lavender Menace want to lock up Y’all Qaeda… 172 more words


Lazy Verge Obsessed with Giant Things...

I hate The Verge. Here’s one small reason why:

How many times can they use the same phrase to describe Google?

I guarantee you I’ll tire of pulling screenshots before they tire of the phrases “search giant” or “search engine giant.” 41 more words


Class In Your Sass

The general first thought of most people that read my writing is something along the lines of “Damn this chick is mouthy!”  Little do most people know I actually have standards as far as keepin it classy goes.  504 more words


Still Learning Bloglovin'.

Wtf Bloglovin??

That is how I feel right now. I logged into the site for the first time since I first signed up and started following people. 131 more words


Sunday Snark

Continuing my binge of ferrety theft, I am.  I have lived with those grab-happy little mustelids since about 1995; it is only natural some of their habits wear ONTO me, right?   36 more words

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