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Bad Ads, Cont.

Black Friday, bitchez!

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Moeman)


I'm Shocked! Shocked, I Tell You!

The coming wave of anti-abortion laws

Gosh, whoda thunk it? You elect god-bothering fetus-fondlers, and even though they all claimed during the election that they were done with Culture Wars, the moment that they get sworn in, they start in on… 61 more words


Request: Bourbon Pecan Pie

Because Scissorhead Moeman requested, here is the recipe that I am following. I adapted it from My New Orleans, by Chef John Besh. It’s an exceptional pecan pie, just about as deep brown as you can get without burning, thanks to the molasses. 686 more words


Want Something To Be Thankful For?

Be thankful for the lizard brain of the Teabaggers:

And in their most audacious plans, Tea Party groups are preparing to recruit challengers to run against high-profile Republicans they accuse of betraying them — as they did when they toppled Eric Cantor, the former House majority leader.

125 more words

The Funniest Thanksgiving

This never fails to crack me up. It’s just twisted and perfect.

I hope your day goes better than Less Nessman’s!


Does My Mom Have Other Husbands I Don't Know Of?

My mother made me go to the store this morning. Same place as last night. Remember when they told you that you could do whatever you want when you’re an adult? 63 more words