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Card of the Day: Sneak Attack

I remember when Urza’s Saga was released and I first saw Sneak Attack.  It is one of my favorite sets.  I wasn’t at all a because I had to sacrifice the creature at the end of my turn, however, with the arrival of sneak and show decks over the years, I began to see the true value of cards like Sneak Attack.  26 more words

Magic The Gathering

Stick-Wars: Getting Annoyed

Looks like the stick people are getting even more persistent! But messing with the apples? Too far, stick people, too far. 7 more words

All I Need to Know about Vocabulary I Learned from Magic the Gathering

I saw something in the paper recently which did and did not surprise me at all. I just kind of saw it and went “oh yeah, of course.” I imagine the headline writer thought they were showing off. 456 more words