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Using Dr. Seuss to teach tolerance: A Dr. King lesson

“Some of the Sneetches had bellies with stars, while some of the Sneetches had none upon thars.”  The poor star-less Sneetches were ridiculed, segregated, and denied privileges simply because they looked differently.   326 more words

On 'Brainwashing' Your Children to Not be Racist As$holes (a.k.a. Oakland's Amazing Black Lives Matter Storytime-Rally for Kids)

This weekend, I attended an amazing event in Oakland, CA. On January 3, 2015, I took my 1 , 3, and 5 year old children, with husband in tow, to a Black Lives Matter Story Time, Teach-in, and Protest event for 2-8 year olds and their families. 920 more words

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