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Things that go Bump in the Night

“Do you bump?”

The question dangled like a guillotine, mid-air, slicing through the haze of my thoughts and snapping me back, suddenly, to my immediate reality: 1,142 more words

Comet in Moominland

I placed an order on Amazon for a handful of things I was really hoping would come in before my trip so I could bring them with me. 211 more words



If you have ever noticed, every person and every house has its unique smell, whether there is a woman that wears the same perfume each and every Sunday, the unique smell of your grandmother’s house, the odor of cigarettes that lingers even if in a car even if no one is smoking, or even the cultural scents, like curry. 766 more words


Tug and Sniff

As I came back down a narrow pathway, grocery bags in hand, looking at a squirrel above me dashing across a telephone wire in what seemed to be quite a hurry, a girl approached me with her pint sized dog, who was tugging on the leash with abandon. 128 more words

Blog Posts

Is it Bullshit?

Sniff, sip, swill, spit…

Wine tasting, where you decide if it’s plonk or not plonk.

I read a post yesterday, or the day before on… 167 more words