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Wine Tasting - Smell

After you have evaluated your wine with your sight and swirled it in your glass, proceed to smell or sniff your wine. Different wines have different aromatic intensities, the best technique is to smell/sniff in three steps …. 133 more words

Wine Thoughts

Smelling roses

I use this title because the things Max actually stops to smell are not so pleasant and I don’t think I should follow my teacher in sniffing poop or dead animals. 637 more words

From Grandma's House: Grandma Sniffed Me?

Grandma Ruth LOVED to play games. Anything you could sit around a table and play, while socializing. Puzzles, Dominos, Pinochle, Canasta… She was a Bridge fiend, and I’ll always regret that we never got around to teaching me how to play. 497 more words

Sniff Test

I have one of those old wooden antique dressers that has the mirror attached to the back, and on each side of the mirror is a tiny shelf, where I presume you used to put your lantern back in the day.  1,527 more words

My Stories

That Snot Good Manners.

Nobody wants to hear you constantly sniffing and then fighting with the snot in the back of your throat.
That’s disgusting.

Leave the room, blow your nose in privacy, and be done with it.

Pet Hates.