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Scenting the Breeze

Nice breezy day today — Miss Riley enjoyed all the smells it brought to her.



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October 9, 2014

The Sniffer was hard at work today. Not long after this photo was taken, Riley found a dead mouse in the yard. It took some persuading to get her away from it, but thankfully she only wanted to smell it — rolling in dead and/or smelly things has never been her bag.


22 August 2014 at 09:21


That’s Seamus back from his morning walk. Lovely day here. It was a 2-pooer job this morning. Met two dogs along the way, one of which was friendly and they wanted to play with each other. 130 more words


If at First, You Don't Succeed...

Riley conquers the lilies today that felled her last night. She had a merry old sniff-fest this afternoon.


The Sniff-erator

With a nose as long as Sam’s, his ability to smell things has to be incredible, right? If he wasn’t so ADHD, I’d try to get him into some sort of nose-training, because he can certainly sniff things out (just drop a speck of cheese anywhere in the house and he’ll find it).  858 more words