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The Closet

(Please don’t judge me for this disaster of a closet.)

This is a closet in our laundry room where we keep a lot of stray crap — plastic bags collected for recycling, re-usable bags, spare Cones of Shame, dog towels, blankets for dog travel — most people probably have a closet like this. 119 more words


Tiptoe Through the Lilies...

OK, not so much tiptoe as stomp through them. Riley went on another sniff-and-dig exhibition today. I’d love to know what she likes so much under there…



Saguaro cactus at dawn, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

sniffing the silence
around an old saguaro
searching for a song

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher… 7 more words


What a Difference a Day Can Make

Yesterday was the worst day ever!

All day long there was thunder, thunder, thunder.

I didn’t dare take my person for a walk.

She would have gotten scared and run off for sure. 163 more words



sniffing paradise

in every plum he filches—

wily beggar boy


The Great Explorer

We don’t take Riley on neighborhood walks any more, because she can’t walk too far without getting winded, and her labored breathing makes the neighbors look at me like I’m a terrible dog mommy. 58 more words


Garden Helper...Sort of

Over the weekend I bought kale and lettuce to have for the fall, along with a tomato plant (it was on sale and had tomatoes, and the ones I raised from seed never did anything, so why not?). 105 more words