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Study Break

I take my first board exam (USMLE 1) on June 17th. To prepare, I got an study carrel in the library. It’s about the size of a closet, but has a window and a lock and I love it. 38 more words

Around Town


Recently I was pruning back a hedge over an arch way. It was quite overgrown. Green growth  and small braches were spilling over onto the path. 273 more words

To Snip or Not to Snip- Circumcision

Are you circumcised? Is your son? Is your husband? In 2010, 58% of American newborn males received a circumcision due to parent’s religious, social, or health views. 1,172 more words

What You Won't Learn from Most David Brenner Obituaries

by Legendary Lew

Master of comic observation, David Brenner, died March 15, 2014 from cancer. The greatest emphasis in remembering him by most media has been his numerous appearances on… 540 more words



The day was good dear heart, one that I miss endlessly. Can I miss you endlessly without need for care. Forced independence said while wondering if I even allow the possibility of close. 236 more words