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Review: Sniper Elite V2

In Sniper Elite V2, sniping people is as satisfying as popping bubble wrap.  Sometimes, you might miss a bubble because you have to account for things like bullet drop, wind direction, air in lungs, etc.  309 more words


Sniper Elite V2

Sobre o Jogo

Nos dias escuros do fim da Segunda Guerra Mundial em meio às ruínas de Berlim, uma bala pode mudar a história … Sniper Elite V2 é um premiado e autêntica experiência sniping II Guerra Mundial.  580 more words


sniper elite 3 review (pc)

i never played the original sniper elite but i did play the second one when it came out mostly because of the kill cams which were awesome and the game as a whole was enjoyable so when i heard that that they had made a new one i was of courses interested in more sniper action so here is the review for sniper elite 3 for the pc. 231 more words


Sniper Elite v2


Sniper Elite v2 Multiplayer

As the name suggests Sniper Elite is a sniping game with advanced ballistics, taking into account gravity, wind, velocity, bullet penetration, aim stability and more. 209 more words

Sniper Elite