Frontier - Act01 Chapter03 - Vatyr

Ruins of Old Toronto

The sun was just cresting over the horizon, but the Awoken hunter Vatyr S’Jet was always hours into his schedule. While his Ghost Glitch displayed holographic representations of his various traps going through their final automated checks and syncs, he was just finishing the reconstruction of his sniper rifle. 657 more words


bmpd - 35-мм автоматический гранатомет QLZ87 и 12,7-мм винтовка M99 у курдов в Ираке

Появились интересные фото бойцов отрядов курдской пешмерги в Ираке. Судя по ним, похоже у пешмерги на вооружении появились 12,7-мм крупнокалиберные снайперские винтовки M99 и 35-мм автоматические гранатометы QLZ87 китайского производства.

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Daily News

Elite Killers

The sniper rifle is the United States military’s long range one-shot one-kill weapon.  Sniper rifles are extremely accurate and deadly at long range, because of the full size cartridge that they shoot.  412 more words

Modern Weapons


I always wanted to make an origami archer. Then I thought, “Why not a sniper?”. They take up about the same amount of paper (one hand included the barrel, the other included the scope and stock which was a tradeoff for a bow and arrow). 85 more words


Horror Movie Quirks

I find certain things about horror movies stupid.

#1 Light lagao

(Turn the lights on)

Heard a squeak? Heard any bump? Heard running footsteps?

Every person in a horror movie feels the need to turn into an investigator.  618 more words


Sniper rifles shouldn't be in every game

Sniper rifles in video games have been controversial for several years now. Some people argue that these weapons turn games into camp-fests and make things boring, while others enjoy them and think that there aren’t any problems with them. 608 more words

Video Game