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BARSKA 6-24x50 IR 2nd Generation Sniper Riflescope

6-24×50 2nd Generation Sniper Scope is 100% waterproof and fogproof and built with an extra rigid shockproof construction, the ergonomic rubber design protects the scope and offers a secure non-slip grip. 108 more words

Call of Duty Ghosts: The Ultimate Range Class Setup

Call of Duty Ghosts: The Ultimate Range Class Setup

In this blog, I will give you my switch class.

Review: This class is great at all ranges since it has an assault rifle for medium range, a sniper for longer range, and the shotgun attachment for close range. 124 more words

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Army Sharpshooter 2

At this game you will be soldier with sniper. Your soldiers depend of you and you need to destroy more enemies. Here we can saw your practice and army skills. 29 more words

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Sniper Elite III: Collector's Edition - Xbox One Collector's Edition

XBOX One Adventure Games | Sniper Elite III: Collector’s Edition – Xbox One Collector’s Edition

Sniper Elite 3 sees American OSS agent Karl Fairburne on assignment in North Africa during WWII to assist intelligence efforts and provide sharpshooter skills to Allied forces… – … 11 more words

Sniping 2.4GHz

A long time ago when WiFi and Bluetooth were new and ‘wardriving’ was still a word, a few guys put a big antenna on a rifle and brought it to DefCon. 165 more words

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Criteria The Ultimate Sniper An Advanced Training Manual for

Snipers first appearance is in the World War I, where they appear as a deadly sharpshooters in the trenches. At the begginig of the war only Germany had troops that were trained how to use scoped… 355 more words