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John Rich passes along sniper's letter to 'Crisco sweating waste of space' Michael Moore

Michael Moore was in danger of disappearing completely off the cultural map when the “Fahrenheit 911″ director spotted his chance; another film set during the Iraq War, “American Sniper,” was quickly overtaking his film at the box office and becoming a national sensation. 554 more words


Sniper in the dark; Part I

City up in smokes, dead bodies everywhere. Silent, in the dark like a ghost, he ran across enemies equipped with belt full of grenades and StG-44 in hands, in search of a place from where he could rain down death upon his blood soaked enemies. 304 more words


War Stories

Introducing short fictional war stories by Submarine on fire.

“War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.”George Orwell



A sniper is a person who takes aim with cold precision

On a target dedicated to a blunt collision.

Their marksmanship is brilliant and their cunning is breathtaking; 93 more words


Michael Moore and the chip on his shoulder

Think of Michael Moore of being the fat kid that everyone picked on. Now he’s all grown up (no pun intended) and he has a way – movies – to get back at those people who picked on him. 82 more words


This Story Left Me Crying

During the course of my years on Earth I have seen many war movies. Beginning with WWII to Korea to Viet Nam, To Iraq, to Afghanistan, and some I have forgotten. 856 more words