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Do We Really Need Another American Movie Title?

Yet another film will soon be released with the adjective “American” in its title.  I not only fail to understand this tendency among our storytellers, I am bothered by it.  554 more words


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Contract killer: Sniper

CKS is a bold new sniping game which breaks sniping tradition by having you do as little actual sniping as possible. You’ll be required to take on a number of targets and, as often as not,  you’ll clumsily gun them down with an assault rifle or other gaudy tool of death, just like real snipers don’t. 489 more words


Can you fire ComponentListener programatically?

Is there any way we can fire a ComponentListener programatically? For an example, have a look at the below code snap.

    private class DisplayAllRevenue extends ComponentAdapter
             public void componentShown(ComponentEvent e)

allRevenueJScrollPane.addComponentListener(new DisplayAllRevenue());
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A silent sniper, with scope in sight,

To take a shot that come to light.

With ease of pull, a bullet shall fly,

Upon the foe such blood red dye. 36 more words