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Does Jesus Love Snipers?

Michael Moore continued his criticism of American snipers — if not necessarily American Sniper — by suggesting that Jesus would not approve of shooting “savages” in the back. 23 more words

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Salon's reminder for 'American Sniper fans' like Kid Rock called out as dishonest garbage

Michael Moore and Seth Rogen have both caused controversy with comments about “American Sniper” and Chris Kyle. Rogen walked back his comments, and Moore also backpedaled and tried to turn his sniper comments into a… 239 more words


1-26-2015 | Dreams | The Strain | The Lucid Dream Games

Dream 1

I started to get nervous about my upcoming job interview yesterday and I got a headache and I went to bed later than I wanted to, I had a hard time going to sleep but once I went to sleep I was… 956 more words


Michael Moore's Delayed 'American Sniper' Response Asks 'What Would Jesus Do?'

When filmmaker Michael Moore decided to weigh in on American Sniper last week, no one could have predicted the three-person Moore-Rogen-Kid Rock… 217 more words

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Lard Ass Moore...

Challenged by a Mom..

Of a slain sniper…

You know damn well Moore will hide behind his computer or camera and ‘snipe’ back…

Just as he has always done!!!

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Eastwood's "American Sniper" reminds us all of the true cost of war

by Lawrence Knorr

CAMP HILL, PA — As the film ended, after nearly 2 1/2 hours, the credits ran and no one stood.  No one spoke.   347 more words

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