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Even after chapter 59

There is some sort of unease. Probably because they are about to enter the “dragon’s lair”. Though Jean ended up being alive and well (or not well? 454 more words

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Just found this on facebook xD

Finding this pokemon and attack on titan crossover is awesome XD

Annie said what?

Gonna keep things short. Lately have taken too much time per entry.

The second part of Annie’s au closeup interview came out earlier this week. Someone noted how she mentioned Jean in one (or some) of the questions (see image above). 222 more words

Jean Kirstein

I don't care if it's just part of it... [Jean au.c-u.interview Pt2 con'td]

All thanks to “plain-dude” on tumblr for digging through /a/ for the additional screencaps of the closeup interviews. (because I don’t frequent there at all). Was gonna post later on in the week of what I’ve found previously, but since now we have these new screencaps, and plus the fact it’s a loooonng block of text, I decide to just split it up. 906 more words

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Day 6: Wall Maria and Barcelona at night

Hola dear reader! Notice how I said hola instead of bonjour? Well that’s because on day 6 my group and I left France and headed down to Barcelona! 851 more words

Topics revisited

Remember in an interview when asked about his favourite character, Isayama said it to be Jean? He then said in a fans meeting session that Ymir is a character he likes; then in a ranking show earlier this year Ymir and Jean are placed within his top 5 favourites? 409 more words

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