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I really enjoyed Attack on Titan when I watched it online. My boyfriend kept insisting it looked pointless and “wasn’t his thing” but guess who got addicted to it once it was on netflix and they got to episode 5 (hint: it was him)


Attack On Titan on Toonami

If you haven’t heard the news yesterday – Attack on Titan (the English dub) will be airing on Toonami!

(Video Announcement from Funimation)
Official Press Announcement ( 318 more words


Inny świat -Rozdział 2- SnK fanfiction

Dobra, to tak: Przez to, że wydało się nazwisko Leviego musiałam co nieco zmienić i tak wyszło, że dopiero teraz to wrzucam. Gomene, poprawię się. 3,353 more words


Favorite Characters - Psycho Soldier Team

Since my last two Favorite Character articles focused on very well-known characters, I’ve decided to mix things up a bit and pick something a little more obscure: the Psycho Soldier team from… 823 more words


Five is Live

In this podcast, Mason and Lyda (aka Junko22) discuss the current events in Bleach, SnK/Attack on Titan, and Toriko.  You can witness Moon-Moon Lyda figuring out that maybe Zaraki Kenpachi might have said something kind of important there in the final panel (see above) and hear possibly the worst pun ever made on Levi’s surname.   22 more words


Happy birthday. Check out all of George‘s Jean tributes for today!

Driving and Character Fears in Fiction

First of all, I apologize for the undue hiatus of this blog. Quite a bit has happened in the last couple of weeks that had pushed this to the back of my mind, including: a break-up of a relationship that was four and a half years old, a trip across Ohio to visit some of my best friends, two ridiculous yet fun anime marathons, and learning to drive. 1,111 more words