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Jean gives the finger?

When was the last time Isayama posted a drawing of Jean on his blog? I remember he did a Mikasa doing janken few weeks before. Well well, finally he does a Jean drawing, and it’s about his (positive) reaction after watching the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. 215 more words

Jean Kirstein

Hannes' Complacency

Throughout the entirety of my Christian life, there has been one thing that holds me back more than any other. One thing that I fear one day will spell some sort of enormous failure in my spiritual walk. 597 more words


get this out of the way

So someone posted that leak days before of chapter 62, probably noting how characters are drawn (good or bad) in the new chapter. Then earlier, over… 250 more words

Jean Kirstein

Attack On Titans: Petra's Confession!!!

OMG! OMG! OMG! Just finished watching the improv of voice actors Caitlin Grass (Petra) and Matthew Mercer (Levi) as Petra confesses her feelings for Levi. A real heartthrob moment, too bad it doesn’t really happen in the anime though (-hides in a corner and cries-) … 9 more words


Attack On Titan: Is It For Me?

AOT/SNK is a very bloody anime. If you cannot handle the horror genre and don’t think you will be able to watch people get eaten and die don’t watch. 119 more words


Attack On Titans: What Is It About?

This is an anime about humanity’s fight for survival against human eating monsters called Titans.The main character is a boy named Eren who is a human and has the ability to turn into a Titan. 96 more words


Friday Night Fights - It's Mashup Night!

Friday Night Fights will be running tonight on an XBox classic on two games I know next to nothing about.  Being a deeply rooted Capcom fan, I picked up 2 games during a recent outing.   44 more words

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