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VIDEO: Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon Get Messy

Jon Hamm was a guest on “The Tonight Show” on Friday night. He’s always fun to have around, and he’s so good when he hosts SNL, so it was no surprise that he and Jimmy got together for a skit. 21 more words


Slate, Gawker, The Daquan Meme & The Horrible, No Good Summer of 2014

By Shelton Bumgarner

This summer, at least relative to me, has been horrible.

It’s been boring. Or horrible. Or horrible and boring.

It was this summer when I lost all faith in two media brands that I used to really respect — Gawker and Slate. 862 more words



I’m a HUGE Saturday Night Live fan, I think I’ve been obsessed since about the age of 10 which was around the beginning of the Will Ferrel/Tina Fey/Jimmy Fallon era. 149 more words


The Californians

Many may be accostumed to the SNL sketch The Californians. I had always thought it was hilariously overdone. But after spending the summer back in San Diego, I’ve noticed just how ludicrous some of the phrases you catch a whiff of are. 78 more words

What's The Joke, Why Is Everyone Talking About Daquan?

By Shelton Bumgarner

The short answer is — Daquan is like a black Kilroy. He’s a mythical young black man who dates white girls and causes havoc in white families. 2,180 more words


We're From The VALLEYYY!

The shenanigans that go on at work, especially on lunch….wouldn’t change it for the World. In honor of our favorite skit on SNL, The Californians.


Famous Last Words: "Oh, Never Mind."

She said, “Never Mind.”

Women are criticized for being overly sensitive to body changes. “Don’t be a hypochondriac!”

Oh.  “Never Mind.”

What women must do is give very close scrutiny to changes, especially with the reproductive organs. 249 more words

Cancer And Survival