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Are Flowers Harmful to Sick People?

Very few industries have as powerful a lobby as that of florists. Not only does it hold sway over most of our least competent politicians and is virtually unknown, allowing it to operate in total secrecy, the Florist Industry Lobby is at the beck and call of one of America’s most ruthless and bloodthirsty industries. 448 more words


Rear Window Warning, Real or Bogus?...

I received an email from my dad this morning with a forwarded warning message about a potential car jacking scenario. I love that my dad wants to warn me about such possible dangers lurking around so that I am in the know and can be vigilant in paying attention to my surroundings and take any necessary extra steps in protecting myself and my family. 917 more words

Left Foot, Right Foot, Repeat

Check This Out- Snopes

First drafts are awesome, and fun. I know, I’m still working on mine for November. First drafts are also creatively draining, time consuming and sometimes grind on your skin like sandpaper. 208 more words

Check This Out

A Couple of Things...

1. Every year in the Transportation Division the Supervisors (Rick Gallegos & Jeff Hereford – 4th & 5th from left) treat the Techs to a Christmas breakfast to show their appreciation for their hard work during the year at City Hall.  808 more words

A Couple Of Things...

New York Times Reporters

Do you remember Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson, the two New York Times journalists, who published the “location” of Darren Wilson’s home, thereby “encouraging” 612 more words


Why do people take the wrong things about Facebook so seriously?

Ok, the first thing I want to say is that when it comes to Feckbook, people just need to settle down. It’s a platform that has changed not just the landscape of the Internet, but has altered the way many people live their lives. 709 more words