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Explaining web 2.0 to Grandma

First off my Grandma’s pretty cool and loves Facebook but if she didn’t, this is how I would go about it.

Conversation with Grandma.

Me: Do you remember those party lines back in the day where everyone in the general neighborhood shared one line and anyone could pick it up at any time. 246 more words

Fake Facebook Privacy Messages and other legends and rumors

In the late 90s, a new but virulent type of email chain was common.  This was the  Foiled Abduction” claim that swept through email inboxes.   1,234 more words

General Technology


Let’s talk about something other than Charlie today.  The new issue is out, and it turns out that Charlie Hebdo is perfectly capable of speaking for itself.  335 more words



by Chuck Howe

Up all night
Searching for hours
more clicking
more reading
fact checking

Feeling smarter
but learning nothing
If Wikipaedia was so great
We wouldn’t need Snopes


Spring Breakers/Vacationers Beware Exploding Cacti Containing Tarantulas!

Although winter has settled over North America, spring break season will be upon us before we know it. Organized planning is the key for safe, fun vacations, and many a vacation has been ruined, at times fatally, by a lazy understanding of how quickly time flies. 477 more words


ATM PIN Safety Advice

If our readers are like us, and we know that they are, they approach ATM machines with a feeling of trepidation. The world has gone to hell in hand basket, and, as evidence, street gangs like to hang out near ATM machines waiting for unsuspecting potential victims who are too smart to use their credit cards at stores and, instead, are withdrawing money. 267 more words