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Right to Feed Christian Employees to Lions

It happens often enough that the inherent humor in the event is no longer met with a smile but rather with a groan acknowledging the stupidity of the news source in question. 713 more words



My friend Jim Heck sent me this message and it should be seen by the world. I have found similar problems with messages I have forwarded. 703 more words


Psychological Testing and Psychobabble Hoaxing

This is a version of an internet meme I’ve only come across recently, though an article on Snopes about a very similar message notes that it’s been around since 2002. 746 more words

David Harley

Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus

Can Giving Dogs Ice Water on a Hot Day Cause Death?

“There have been rumors that ice and ice water causes a spasm of the stomach muscle in dogs, leading to a swollen stomach, and potentially fatal bloat. 23 more words


Stop Being So Gullible

Why oh, why do people believe everything they see on the internet? I can’t stop asking, why. I see it everyday on my Facebook and twitter. 484 more words


Things I Love Thursday

I follow a handful of blogs. One that I got hooked on a couple of years ago was I Want A Dumpster Baby (who has since moved to  511 more words

Why We Fight (On the Internet)

I would not call myself an overly virtuous person.

Tell me your unbreakable conviction and internally, I’ll think of a lot of good reasons (and ways) to break it. 340 more words