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The Onion and Snopes

By now, it seems like everyone’s heard about Facebook labeling satire sites. I wish I could say it surprised me, but then I get links to places like… 614 more words


Oh to hell with today

I got to wake up to this shit this morning, leafing through Facebook on my phone while trying to convince my legs and arms and torso that getting out of bed was going to be a thing that was physically and intellectually possible. 519 more words


INTERESTING: "How smart is your right foot"

My friend shared some internet factoid which was interesting but not copyable.

(That is itself was interesting. I’ll be exploring that some more.)

Essentially, how start making an imaginary clockwise circles with your right foot. 143 more words


Did James Bartley Live To Tell Being Swallowed By A Sperm Whale?

Neal Pollard

On his tombstone in Gloucester, England, James Bartley had written “A Modern Jonah.”  Bartley was allegedly swallowed by a sperm whale while helping to hunt and kill the giant in 1891.  511 more words


Right to Feed Christian Employees to Lions

It happens often enough that the inherent humor in the event is no longer met with a smile but rather with a groan acknowledging the stupidity of the news source in question. 713 more words



My friend Jim Heck sent me this message and it should be seen by the world. I have found similar problems with messages I have forwarded. 703 more words


Psychological Testing and Psychobabble Hoaxing

This is a version of an internet meme I’ve only come across recently, though an article on Snopes about a very similar message notes that it’s been around since 2002. 746 more words

David Harley