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Tying conservation with faith to protect a big cat

Source: Sonia Phalinkar for Deutsche Welle

In a bid to protect the snow leopard, conservation groups are merging western and traditional approaches by teaming up with local monasteries, shamans and indigenous communities who live in the big cat’s habitat. 1,176 more words


Two at the (Akron) Zoo

We made an afternoon visit to the Akron Zoo today and found it to be quite wonderful. It is, as municipal zoos go, perhaps a bit small but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality. 161 more words

I am Catwoman. Hear me roar.

Sophie surprised us with a roomie date to the zoo after church today! While I like looking at all the animals, I’m always drawn to the bigger cats. 102 more words

100 Happy Days

Snow Kittens

‘Snow Kittens’

A4 graphic marker illustration.


A couple of exceptional zoos.

Zoos are a passion of ours, and despite some people’s aversion to them, the majority do excellent and vital conservation work. My husband studied zoology at university and my daughter volunteered for six years with the Taronga Zoo ‘Youth at the Zoo’ programme.  580 more words

Britain With A Difference

Chapter 30: Mountain Books

 After Hillary & Tenzing first climbed Mt. Everest in  1953, the Duke of Edinburgh wrote: “In the human terms of physical effort and endurance alone, it will live in history as a shining example to all mankind.” 1,893 more words