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A Snow leopard

Of the many times I’ve been to the Calgary zoo I have never seen a snow leopard eating let alone it being out.

But this time when I went with my class, we not only saw it eating fish, but birds were trying to eat the snow leopards food as well, and the leopard didn’t seem to mined at all. 47 more words

Future Famous Fotos

Stone_cold_fox: holiday resort 14

via Stone Cold Fox

It wouldn’t be very flower crowns & candy of me to not post a lookbook from my favorite label.  As always, … 76 more words


Koala to Putin: Now I see what all those other animals have been raving about!

Koala to Putin: Vladimir, don’t mind Tony, his communication skills are zero and vocabulary a bit limited. He meant ‘the cuddly koala group hug,’ but it came out as ‘shirtfront.’ 166 more words

Geopolitical Trends

Fabric Find - 15 Nov 2014

Another lovely design by Philip Jacobs. I believe it will be available in March 2015 in several colorways. 13 more words


S is for Snow Leopard

“S is for Snow Leopard” – oil pastel (November 2005)


Winter King

A photograph I took of a snow leopard at the Cherry Brook Zoo, 2013