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Austin Sweetin's full part from TW Snow's Nation

If there’s one dude you should always be stoked to watch ride, it’s Austin Sweetin. The kid can ride anything from powder to rails and beyond. 16 more words


My Life Lately

To call the last year incredible would be an understatement. I’ve found myself in some epic places with some awesome people, but most importantly, I’ve learned to enjoy my own company. 60 more words

Standing Sideways

Car Danchi Camper for sale!

Camper van for sale!

The legendary camper featured in the snowboard movie series “Car Danchi” is for sale!
Custom built on a Toyota HILUX truck Manual 5 Speed 2800cc 3L engine. 480 more words


Snowboarders on Tinder

I’m petrified of Tinder. I constantly have this same conversation with a friend of mine who uses, and actually has success, with the app. Though my chances of getting kidnapped and hidden away in someone’s basement are probably relatively slim to begin with, I’ve considered re-thinking my whole Anti-Tinder campaign due to one of YoBeat’s recent posts. 53 more words

What in the world is snowboard camber?

Many of you may ask what camber is on your snowboard spec sheet? Camber is a critical part of how a snowboard rides. Pop, flex, and carving characteristics are very dependent on camber. 58 more words


Camp of Champions Snowboard Session B video recap

Session B at Camp of Champs proved to be yet another insane week on the Horseman Glacier. Hit play above for all the action.


This. Is. The. Shit.

Phil Jacques full part from Capita’s “Defenders of Awesome“. Whoop Whoop!