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Austin Sweetin's full part from TW Snow's Nation

If there’s one dude you should always be stoked to watch ride, it’s Austin Sweetin. The kid can ride anything from powder to rails and beyond. 16 more words


"Localscapes" A 4K time-lapse adventure

I have been fishing a lot lately and as I stand there, I see these beautiful cloud formations every evening. I decided it was time to capture some of these and as I passed the time, I caught fish! 47 more words


Snowboarders on Tinder

I’m petrified of Tinder. I constantly have this same conversation with a friend of mine who uses, and actually has success, with the app. Though my chances of getting kidnapped and hidden away in someone’s basement are probably relatively slim to begin with, I’ve considered re-thinking my whole Anti-Tinder campaign due to one of YoBeat’s recent posts. 53 more words

Camp of Champions Snowboard Session B video recap

Session B at Camp of Champs proved to be yet another insane week on the Horseman Glacier. Hit play above for all the action.


Punter spec

A week or two ago I went on a spur of the moment trip down to Snowdome. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon so the quick slide did me good. 106 more words


What Is Freecarving?

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words and smiling seems to be the most common expression of what freecarving feels like. Anyhow feel free to give it a try and send in your poetic efforts ( 477 more words