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five hundred thirty seven

Endangered buildings:
are they ever rescued from
a pathetic end?

Snyder, Texas

Melinda Green Harvey

Meet the Football Team from Washington D.C.

When George Marshall changed the name of his football team from the Boston Braves to the Boston Redskins in 1932, he may or may not have meant it as a tribute to the team’s coach William Henry Dietz. 605 more words


GOP group calls foul on Democrat attack ad

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The Republican Governors Association is crying foul, accusing Democrats of not checking the facts before their latest ad in Michigan’s race for governor. 285 more words


What Happened To Heroes?

What happened to heroes? I’ve been watching The Shield lately; it’s an amazingly well thought out series, well written, realistic (unlike so many other crime dramas), and of course has this hook that was ahead of its time. 1,879 more words

Video Games

In the wake of The Wake

*Warning: Contains spoilers*

There is an elephant in the proverbial Twitterverse room. It is shaped like a mermaid but it’s humanoid side has jaws and poison sac eyes. 2,170 more words

Comic Review

Sucker Punch

Acreditem: ontem, foi a primeira vez que vi o filme inteiro. Um tempo atrás, peguei o finalzinho e fiquei bem a fim de ver. Incrível como demorou bastante pra passar de novo. 429 more words

Quote of the Day

Buffy:  The school talent show. How ever did you finagle such a primo assignment?

Giles:  Our new Führer, Mr. Snyder.

Willow:  I think they call ‘em ‘principals’ now.

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