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ARC Review: Wildlife by Fiona Wood

During a semester in the wilderness, sixteen-year-old Sib expects the tough outdoor education program and the horrors of dorm life, but friendship drama and an unexpected romance with popular Ben Capaldi?

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Book Review: The Death Cure (James Dashner)

Well, I did it. I read the entire Maze Runner trilogy in the span of three weeks and I am now officially done. I stayed up late last night just speed-reading through The Death Cure because I was at a point where there was no stopping; I had to finish it. 979 more words


Keiska-So Good (Hi Speed Hi Emotion Remix)

I was in search of this one for awhile. At first it seemed fast for my taste, but after a full listen I realized that no matter how “HI SPEED” this track may be, it really holds its own. This track is so good.


My Review: So Good by Jay Park

Jay Park debuted as a solo artist around July 2010 (he is American/Korean). I will talk about him as a solo artist because honestly that’s what I have always considered him, reason being I became a fan of Jay Park in the era of “Know your name,”  which also introduced me to Dok2 as well, and I don’t want to open old wounds for fans! 418 more words

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Jay Park's Michael Jackson Tribute Is "So Good!" (KPop)

Sources: Bilboard – By Jeff Benjamin | Edited By – All Things Michael

The Seattle-bred star shines on hip-hop bangers, R&B ballads and, most notably, on his Michael Jackson-inspired new single. 234 more words

Michael Jackson

Drinkable cereal

Disclaimer: I am not over exaggerating anything. If my love for drinkable cereal may seem fake because of my high praise, it’s not. I just genuinely really really like it. 438 more words