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lessons never learnt

I have been building this little place of respite for myself. stupidly, I have trusted someone else to come into it. it is dirty and ruined now, and I – out in the cold. 6 more words


midday quiet of her child’s nap
the window – a screen, three rectangles of cool blue
the same shade she wanted her life to be… 76 more words

Catching Time

Bloop, Sorry I've not posted Bloggary!

Heyoooo! Just a little note, because nearly 2weeks and no Bloggary. Whoops. I’ve just been getting busy and stuff’s gotten a teensy hectic and LIFE. … 66 more words


Ugh. I'm The Worst.

I’ve been so busy that I didn’t write.  I just…got caught up in school stuff and am having some medication difficulties.  I’m on meds for a pretty severe generalized anxiety disorder and suddenly my body is rejecting the meds.   70 more words

Adulthood Is Weird

we're all Mr Anderson.

do you remember the Oracle from the Matrix? do you wish, sometimes, that you could meet her? childishly, I do.

why does this growing up have to be so hard? 368 more words


waste of time.

well. what am I to say. does anyone know – is the mid-life crisis very much like the teenage years? because the anguish and the will to rebel I feel – I have known that before…… 294 more words



I sit very quietly in the corner of the sofa. he, in the kitchen, at the table.

with my headphones on, I let my thoughts wonder, fleet, skip and scuttle. 57 more words