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The Most Abused Word

…aside from the phrase ‘I love you’, is the ever empowering and compassionately proclaimed term: Sorry.

And I will not be sorry for what I’m about to discuss. 737 more words

Everyday Problems

off loading, just that.

do you sometimes try to find something out really badly, and then when you do, you regret that you’ve tried, because it causes you heartache? or some other unpleasantness? 557 more words

Catching Time

lessons never learnt

I have been building this little place of respite for myself. stupidly, I have trusted someone else to come into it. it is dirty and ruined now, and I – out in the cold. 6 more words


midday quiet of her child’s nap
the window – a screen, three rectangles of cool blue
the same shade she wanted her life to be… 76 more words

Catching Time

Bloop, Sorry I've not posted Bloggary!

Heyoooo! Just a little note, because nearly 2weeks and no Bloggary. Whoops. I’ve just been getting busy and stuff’s gotten a teensy hectic and LIFE. … 66 more words