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Ai Weiwei Asks Brooklyn: What Does Your #Activism Look Like?

“What does your #activism look like?” Ai Weiwei asks us in his new art exhibit up at the Brooklyn Museum in New York, through August 10th, 2014. 481 more words


I don't like Mondays!

Actually, Mondays are fine. They are the day of rest in this household! Emotional rest!

More often than not, Sundays are on the crappy side here.   227 more words

My absence

Hello fellow fashionistas,

Obviously I have some explaining to do! I’ve been completely MIA from all things FashionFromTheGroundUp but I felt as if I couldn’t do the blog justice with photo capabilities I have. 90 more words


I am so over worked right now, I can’t do justice to the post that is supposed to go up today.  I have to finish this project entirely by Wednesday and it is not anywhere near done, so I am going to go back to working on that, and promise I will have a really detailed examination of the this project and it’s many facets. 151 more words

Things Without Titles Are Supposed to be Artsy...Right?

HI HELLO.  I haven’t abandoned you, I swear.  I’ve been away and the internet’s been spotty.

In other news, I’ve started a Moleskine and I’m going through a poetry extravaganza?   311 more words


people trying to one-up you all the time

or how they’re in a ‘couple’ and they have to announce about ‘coupling’ constant

Didn’t realise it was the be all and end all. I am sorry you’re so much better than me, there isn’t anything to say. 80 more words