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cosmic balance.

I had a lot of highs in September. it was a fast flowing stream of sunny days, the autumn light filtering through the rusty leaves, morning dew settling on spider webs like crystals, the river full of colour – reflecting the reds and oranges of trees above it. 180 more words


My Bad

Y’all I know I have been a bad blogger and haven’t been here in a few weeks. Please forgive me and don’t hate me because I really love you bitches!




Hi All,

I am so sorry for my absensce. Basically after my last blog I decided to pop on a film, seeing as I still wasnt sleeping it would be pointless to lie in the dark. 80 more words

tell you one thing.

this is how my neighbour, Jim, starts all our conversations.

tell you one thing – I would like to be in love. that also means two things: I am not in love, and I most certainly am having a mid-life crisis. 267 more words


where did you come from?!....

I am very angry today.

I am angry at myself, full of loathing, disdain and contempt. gosh, they talk about self love being the condition for being able to love others. 286 more words

So Sorry

the decadence of apples.

they are ripening, swollen and heavy. the branches are laden and bearing down, twinging upwards with each apple falling. they get bruised immediately, and either you use them right away, or they start to rot within days. 652 more words



today is all about just that – getting through. it is one of those days this blog is all about. when I wake up and there is this huge obstacle in my way – myself. 182 more words