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Scientist Lego Ladies!

The creators of the ever-popular toy LEGO’s have recently developed a set that features female scientists working in a laboratory. This will be a great message to young girls and boys, as they can learn about equality AND play at the same time because LEGO’s are the bee’s knees.


 ”Jake, you’re still with Macy! This fucking matters!” Although her mind was repulsed, her heart didn’t care. She wanted to go and wrap her arms around Jake and hug him and crush herself against him—but she couldn’t. 

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in the shape of a heart

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Jeff as a parent. The relationship he had with our girl was — obviously, and naturally — different from the relationship I shared and share with either of the two of them, my family, my two best beloveds, the girl and her dad so much alike. 439 more words


"I think the house is spinning."




          “   What? What’s wrong?” His azure orbs widened at her statement, eyes scanning their surroundings. Nothing seemed to be out of place or…

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So This Happened....

First ever, ‘So This Happened….’ Starting with the lovely people of Wally World!


It's My Body and I'll ____ If I Want To

Graphic designer Carol Rossetti’s images addressing the problem of women’s bodies being subject to mass critique have been gaining popularity, for good reason. Take a look and spread the love!