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10 Hours Walking in NYC as a Woman

Hollaback! is an organization working to end street harassment. Women often don’t even realize this type of harassment is harassment because it can feel so normal — and that’s messed up. 194 more words


So This Happened... Pt. 2

So the things that happen to me during a day/week/month could fill up a calendar of ridiculousness so fast… For your convenience I have decided to share them in short form bits. 600 more words

Oh Dear God...

I was looking Facebook and I so very much hope some quotes I came across that are about ‘Republicans on Rape’ (which is a bit overboard and generalizing, but still) are false. 106 more words


So This Happened...

(MOM, AJ, and CHUCK are in a car. MOM is driving, AJ is in the passenger seat, and CHUCK is sitting behind MOM. “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons comes on.) 36 more words


re: foxes

I’ve told this story before, at the time it happened, to anyone who would listen, but suddenly this fall I am seeing foxes about, and so are my friends, so maybe it is time to tell it again. 389 more words


running on empty

So, this happened.

I’m driving along, on the verge of being late for work, as usual.

I am hungry, and thinking about whether to find some food or go directly to work. 473 more words


Faith in Humanity Level -100

    I was going to type something else today, but then I scrolled across something on my Facebook feed. It seems that C-Lo Green had sent out some rather…disturbing tweets. 278 more words