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Faith in Humanity Level -100

    I was going to type something else today, but then I scrolled across something on my Facebook feed. It seems that C-Lo Green had sent out some rather…disturbing tweets. 278 more words


hooooopsie daizy - see you in september

every once in a while i like to take a break and reflect on why i’m so good looking….more often that not that falls conveniently when i’m “between jobs” and a “2L tub of ice cream” (that last one didn’t need quotation marks)… anywhoooo. 44 more words


This is wonderful

Scientist Lego Ladies!

The creators of the ever-popular toy LEGO’s have recently developed a set that features female scientists working in a laboratory. This will be a great message to young girls and boys, as they can learn about equality AND play at the same time because LEGO’s are the bee’s knees.