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WCF Policy – Part 1: What is policy about?

Remember what I described during the introduction? Switch a feature on on the server, and the WCF takes care that this information gets pushed through to the client, at runtime client and server work together to fulfill the demand, and on top of it the developer can interfere if necessary. 613 more words


Building Your Own Policy with WCF

Flexibility and extensibility of WCF is really great. You need a feature provided by the platform? Just switch it on, via code or configuration, and all the bits and pieces follow suit. 300 more words


Service Bus 12c – REST enabled Business Services

In this post, you will learn to create REST enabled business services. We will create business service to call the Proxy Service created in previous post. 210 more words


A Few Things You Probably Don't Know About the Sons of Anarchy Cast

If you watch Sons of Anarchy it’s hard not to become like completely taken over by that show. Like I want to be a biker all of a sudden (22-year-old female no prior interest or experience what-so-ever LOL). 549 more words

Sons Of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy Recap - S7E11

If Sons of Anarchy was a monstrous┬áThanksgiving feast, we’d be looking at the final few bites of pie right now. We’ve made it through just about seven seasons and only have two episodes left. 1,502 more words


Sons of Anarchy fans unite

So, I’m, like, a HUGE Sons of Anarchy fan. In fact, it’s pretty much the only show on TV I watch anymore. I just don’t have time to zone out on television with two growing businesses, three kiddos to tend to, a husband who also demands my attention, and then, ya know, life… but I MAKE time for SOA. 153 more words


Aircraft Technology: Learning &Teaching of Aero plane and Helicopter

U.S. Air Force fire protection specialists fight a fire as an HH-43B Huskie helicopter hovers overhead to create a continuous downward air current, assisting the crew members. 4,272 more words

Aeronautical Teaching