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The inopportune torrential rain storm

TLDR: I got caught in a sudden torrential downpour whilst walking to an interview. Upon arrival the receptionist offered me a towel. Needless to say I did not get the job. 1,110 more words


Wet Squirrel

Tuesday morning was a cold, wet and nasty one at Nest HQ… and you would think the squirrels would have had enough sense to just stay in their rain shelters and watch TV or something.  230 more words


RULES are NOT meant to be BROKEN

Ofcourse the parking lot on campus is full on this cold and rainy day. I had to walk up from Rt.9 and now I’m SOAKED! I swear, how do Senior Commuter students at a university not find a place to park in an upperclassman parking lot?! 200 more words

Its not going to rain on my parade

This Saturday was the first long taper run.  It was a taper run in that it was just over half the distance of the previous weeks long run.   371 more words


I never wear the right attire. I’m either too hot or too cold, and my desperate attempt to dress in layers never works. Today I really blew it, and found myself soaked to the bone. 142 more words

Walk in it.

Life. A path I wander. Always walking. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Sometimes in circles, or in no particular direction at all.

Step after step, every day I walk. 392 more words


How To Snowboard - How To Stay Dry While Snowboarding

Nothing is worse then getting wet while snowboarding. Melted snow turns into water and can get your gear wet and leave you feeling soaked. Add cold temperatures to the mix and its imperative you stay dry while riding. 495 more words