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I never wear the right attire. I’m either too hot or too cold, and my desperate attempt to dress in layers never works. Today I really blew it, and found myself soaked to the bone. 142 more words

Walk in it.

Life. A path I wander. Always walking. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Sometimes in circles, or in no particular direction at all.

Step after step, every day I walk. 392 more words


How To Snowboard - How To Stay Dry While Snowboarding

Nothing is worse then getting wet while snowboarding. Melted snow turns into water and can get your gear wet and leave you feeling soaked. Add cold temperatures to the mix and its imperative you stay dry while riding. 495 more words


Water Dogs

He was relaxing in the water after having a bit of fun. He had happily splashed and frolicked in it before just settling down to rest and relax. 415 more words

Healthy Living - Almond Milk and Cookies

Now I know many of you might not know this, but the 21st – 27th of September is Health Week! I, as always, am psyched to be celebrating Health Week. 463 more words


Escape from Scotland

 Sitting in a car, listening to the rain outside.

Theres something a bit exciting about it. You’re outside in the rain, but not really. You’re nice and safe from the terrible weather outside, all warm and cosy, while the storm rages on. 586 more words