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chamomile calendula vegan soaps. Χαμομήλι, Καλέντουλα Φυτικά Σαπούνια

Σαπούνι Καλέντουλας ( έχει γίνει εκχύλισμα καλέντουλας στο ελαιόλάδ και στο νερό πριν την παραγωγή του σαπουνιού) και έχει προστεθεί και λίγο άρωμα βανίλιας.  Για το σώμα, Περίπου 100γρ

σαπούνια γλυκερίνης για μπομπονιέρες

Double, Double Toil and Bubbles

What It Is: As is tradition, Lush has brought a ton of new bath treats in stock to make your Halloween extra spectacular. What makes this year’s round-up extra nifty is that they’re nearly all new products! 194 more words

Flash Post

Bluetooth device

Established in 2001, APET has recently started pioneering overseas markets with its advanced highly competitive Bluetooth device.

While the conventional Bluetooth devices are focused on expensive and passive, APET’s Bluetooth device brand “SOAP” is focused on outdoor activity emphasizing casual style. 79 more words

KOTRA Awards

Implementing a Python SOAP client with Suds

This is a small introduction on how to implement a SOAP client with Python. Most likely you are not thrilled about having to build a SOAP client, specially if you are used to the simplicity of Python and REST, but it is not as bad if you use the right library. 347 more words



Hello everyone! here!

There are tons of types of soap molds on the market. I recently read a thread on a soap forum detailing how very hard it is to find good molds. 646 more words


Lush in Venice

So I spent the past few days wandering around in vaporettos and sipping on spritz; Venice really is a beautiful city. One of my favorite occasions abroad was bumping into the Lush store in Strada Nuova, because I hadn’t popped into one of those in over a year and my stash was running dangerously low. 408 more words


Its been a rather exciting ....and interesting day

Just off the hop, tthis is going to be a rather short post, you’ll understand why  after reading.

Well as I mentioned in my first post, you all are aware that I have been getting into cold prices soap making, and I posted a picture of my most recent post, and I must say the smell is  quite nicely lingering throughout my home and strangely, I have been finding myself eating more…hmmmmm  Anyway, for those of you that do make soaps and items of the sort, you know that this can be a very busy time for us. 236 more words