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The MRC - Alex Aulakh - 23/07/14

Fajara is a sleepy neighbourhood, spread either side of the Atlantic Boulevard that parallels the coast. It is mostly residential, with villas in large grounds hidden behind forbidding gates. 330 more words

Alex Aulakh

The First Day - Alex Aulakh - 20/07/14

It was after 11pm and pitch black as my plane descended to Banjul International Airport, The Gambia. As I stepped off the plane the air felt really heavy, and I imagined I was breathing the heat and humidity of the whole continent. 482 more words

Alex Aulakh

A few months ago, I read an article by Allison VanNest called, “Is Writing Education Shutting Down Our Right Brain?” In it, Ms. VanNest laments over the fact that in recent decades, many college graduates struggle to communicate effectively in writing. 506 more words


Share the road, motherfuckers!

Of all the kinds of asshole there are in the world, I have decided that the worst kind are the fucking crazy kind.

Tonight my dad and I had just set off for a bike ride, enjoying the unseasonably cool July weather. 478 more words


The Cost of Being a Cocksure Connoisseur

I am not an expert anything.

As the song goes, I know a little bit about a lot of things…I am Jack(ie) of many trades, master of none. 691 more words


Fifty Shades of Rage

(…some of which actually have to do with the fact that I had to rewrite this post from scratch because Chrome crashed and WordPress saved… my title.) 3,323 more words

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Christa's Soapbox - Why You Should Become a Member of the National Quilting Association

I’m super excited to announce that starting this winter, I will be writing a regular column for the Quilting Quarterly, the official magazine of the… 276 more words