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Stop Trying To Kill Me With Your Smell!

This is just going to be a rant against those people who over perfume and over cologne.  Seriously people some of us have allergies to your stank!  220 more words

My So Called Life

Negative vibes wreak havoc in my world

I’m by nature a pessimist. I need no help in seeing the worst in everything. Most especially myself. I will always see myself as not being good enough at anything. 347 more words

#GirlSummit London 2014 - What does freedom mean to you?

Girls have the right to reach their full potential

Today, 22 July 2014, the UK will host the first Girl Summit, aimed at mobilising domestic and international efforts to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) within a generation. 108 more words


How #WomenAgainstFeminism Gave Me Hope For The Future (Really)

It’s not a secret that I’m a feminist.

Feminism has made my life better in a lot of ways: I am able to vote. I could, if I chose, own a house and I do own a car.  476 more words


Street Harassment: Addendum

As an addendum to my recent post in which I ramble incoherently about street harassment, some more incoherent ramblings from a Facebook comment that once again ran away with me and got out of control: 926 more words


Christa's Soap Box - Make it Yourself, Make it Your Own

The more I blog about quilting, the more comfortable I have become in developing a sense of my own personal quilting style, and have been finding my “voice,” if you will. 627 more words


Apparently, I'm a Total Bitch. Classroom Edition

Here’s a secret – just because your kid gets the claps and is adorable doesn’t mean he’s good.

Periodically during the school year, I allow my classroom students to perform for one another with very little guidance (a. 325 more words