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My motivation and... Stuff

I started this account because of late I’ve grown increasingly… Exasperated with the amount of misinformation I see in posts, shares, comments and conversations that appear on my various social network feeds. 261 more words


Ramblings and Responsibilities...

A slight detour from the normal games-orientated postings on here to talk about something that’s very important to me. Having been brought up in Scotland and continuing to live here, next months referendum on independence is of massive interest to me. 458 more words


"If it hurts me, I know I need it."

For those of you who don’t know, I do aerials (think Cirque du Soleil, but not nearly as awesome because I haven’t been doing it since I was a toddler). 411 more words


Biased Media

I am disgusted with our news outlets.  I realize this may reach a whole 5 people at best, but I don’t really care.  I can’t sit here and stew and not put my opinion out ‘there’, not that mine really matters in the grand scheme of things. 743 more words


This is really discouraging,

Helen and I were in Denver a couple of years ago, and since I’m rather fond of old train stations, we went down to see Union Station. 235 more words


Rebrand, Bomb, Repeat: Why titles matter

If you haven’t heard- the film released earlier this year called Edge of Tomorrow (quick plug, finger guns, cheeky wink ;) ) will be renamed… 1,175 more words


Dear ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Haters,

You’re wrong.

My dad died two years ago from complications related to ALS, and I’m here to tell you that the Ice Bucket challenge is not “stupid.” It is not “worthless” or “annoying” or “retarded.” You are just ignorant. 842 more words