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Enough is enough

Today I discovered that I am way to trusting. I give people the benefit of the doubt when really I should be second guessing people and their motives. 230 more words


Operation Avoid the Food Coma

The best & worst part of winter is upon us. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day. Also known as the beginning of angry shoppers, rude people, food, food & more food. 181 more words


New Jurassic World Trailer ....hmmm

Now, I fully appreciate and enjoyed most of the previous Jurassic Park movies. I loved the blend they gave to science and entertainment. My concern was always this lingering fear that some highly evolved scientist was sitting around somewhere watching movie re-runs and cooking up the real thing and bringing it to life, I am not athletic enough to survive, which makes that a problem for me. 250 more words

Random Rants


Disclaimer: I honestly have not followed this situation beyond reading headlines. However, I feel I know enough to adequately make this soap box statement. My opinion on the grand jury verdict is irrelevant to this post. 440 more words


On Ferguson and Thanksgiving

So Darren Wilson walked away without an indictment tonight.

I first found out when my dad texted me “update on ferguson: there’s no indictment”. When he picks me up, he’s got the radio turned to that conservative channel he likes. 617 more words


Invisible Zipper Tutorials :: Show me a garment please or why patterns are wrong!

Invisible Zips aren’t hard to do.

But they’re hard to remember HOW to do!

I’ve been sewing a few years now and during that time have put in more than a few invisible zips but for the life of me I’ve never been able to memorise the process, especially since I’m self / internet taught to a large extent.¬† 337 more words


If I Break by Portia Moore

If I Break by Portia Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

O.M.G. I am writing this after having read all of the installments in this saga. 630 more words

Random Rants