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Shaving soap

Had a recent request for a shaving soap.  Apparently I am so far behind the times that I was not aware of the number of men (and women) who use shaving soap with a brush when shaving their faces or heads (or legs for you women out there). 301 more words


New Soap!!

Kaitlyn is finishing smoothing out our newest soap: Chamomile Bergamot! Half of them are already sold!!! Let us know if you want to reserve yours! We have enough fragrance oil to make about 20 more!!! 12 more words

Soap Making

All Hail the Soap Cutter

Ever heard of a ‘Bud’? In the context of soapmaking I mean, not as in the popular American alcoholic drink.  To be honest, unless you’re big into soapmaking, you probably haven’t.  530 more words


The Soappy Road

I’ve going down a road of making my own soap. It started with a bar of “shaving” soap at a farmer’s market almost five years ago. 666 more words

Homestead Skills

Presenting Hermitage Oils USA

Long time no talk, I know, but life had a way of carrying me off, and not getting any posts done.

In other scented news: 66 more words

Natural Perfume

I'm back...

…definitely, absolutely, for good this time!!

I’m so sorry – the last two months have had so much going that I’ve struggled to find time to get on here to post, and then, over the last couple of days, I realised that I’ve  been putting it off as I didn’t know where to start. 276 more words


Some new additions to my little store

I have been a busy little bee lately working on some new products for my online store and markets. I am especially excited to have finally fulfilled my packaging wish (which by the way I have been dreaming about for a year now) – brown tin tie bags with little windows! 174 more words

Soapmaking Adventures