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You and Etsy

I know virtually nothing about Etsy.  Whenever anyone mentioned it, I figured it was just some website for some people to sell doilies.  :)  Then, I stumbled onto this article: 183 more words


Scrap Soap Bar #1

I’ve noticed that sometimes when doing ceramics that scrap glazes can be some of the best. I’ve made some great polymer clay beads with scrap canes and… 94 more words

Personal Care Products

Christmas goodies

It’s looking like full-time crafty Christmas around here! Baby Daphne has started removing tags from gifts and either eating the tags or sticking them to the hardwood floor. 217 more words

Children's Art

Perfecting the cut...!

I purchased two soap moulds on etsy from skullmould (linked below)! Each holds 1kg (2lb) of soap and are cut into 10 compartments that create 2.5 x 7 x 7 cm bars. 113 more words


A Daffodillian Disaster

Daffolidish? Daffodilesque? Daffolidic? I don’t know, answers on a postcard please :-D What I DO know is that I won’t be soaping with Daffodil fragrance oil again any time soon! 549 more words


Spoon Swirl Lavender Geranium Soap

I realize that it has been awhile since my last post. I have been overwhelmed with grad school and farmers market commitments so I missed a few of the soap challenges. 194 more words

Ecoviolet Soap