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Nothing Left To Lose

Today I renounce the girl in me
by letting go of pain, sorrow, shame and insecurity
I’ve got nothing left to lose

I’ve been used and abused… 280 more words


Automatic thoughts: What am I thinking?

What are “automatic thoughts”? They are thoughts that just “pop” into our minds without any planning or conscious  prompting. There is a two-fold causation for these specific messages that “pop” into our minds. 188 more words

Adult Children

White Lettered Patrol Shirt

I’ve attended SOAR (BC’s Provincial Girl Guide camp) every 3-4 years since 2001, and every time we make patrol shirts for the 8 girls and 2 adults on our site. 528 more words

Girl Scout


After a student gets accepted to the university, the student is invited to come to Student Orientation, Advisement & Registration (SOAR). SOAR is orientation for students who will be living on campus during the school year and for students that are commuting. 221 more words


Refuse to be average,

let your heart soar as high as it will.

-A.W. Tozer

Soaring like a eagle

We are currently in the midst of an international adoption and, before you begin judging me, we prayed long and hard before deciding to begin this journey. 299 more words


A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Fly

Dare to touch the sky, dare to fly.

Fly high and soar.

Let loose of what weighs you down and set your heart free.

Fly…fly…fly. 7 more words

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