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Your Fall 2014 Bargain Textbook Guide

The start of August means that for most students a new class schedule is just around the corner. And for those who want to avoid paying bookstore prices for their textbooks, it also means it’s time to start doing your homework. 457 more words

soaring above clouds

what’s more delightful

than the surprise of surprise

to soar above clouds

Soar (9)

I came to the airstrip. Red-brown dirt, weeds on every side, the mountains rising just behind. Two hangars that had fallen down, a third that was held together by blue tarps and orange rust. 1,947 more words


Soar (8)

Thirtytwo datadumps. Listed A to Z. Twenty universities in twenty countries. Five private companies, four private homes, two offshore data havens and a government ministry. 1,273 more words


Love, Soar

This is how I came to deciding to call this blog “Love, Soar”.
I am a huge fan of Les Miserables and of course, Victor Hugo. 1,401 more words



Soaring into flight

High above the puffy clouds

Sky is the limit…

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

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Embracing Change

Who really likes change?  When things shift in our lives there is disruption, a deconstruction, transition, then finally peace when the change ends.  The initial event of a change disrupts the flow of our daily routines, suddenly there is a new element in the picture, one that wasn’t present before.   200 more words

Destiny And Purpose