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in the right mood

in order to get something done right
the way you want it done
you must be in the right place
away from horrid things
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In the cloudless sky
Soaring the convecting air
Graceful raptors search


Learning to see - as a landscape photographer.

The location for this shot was pure blind luck. Like many others, I struggle to see a good landscape image in my own area which is relatively flat, apart from Charnwood Forest) littered with pylons and steel sheds and all the hedges seem to be tall and scruffy so there is no real view wherever you look. 251 more words

Photography Tips


There comes a time when our personal calling is so deeply buried in our soul as to be invisible. But it’s still there.
– Paulo Coelho… 246 more words

...of seagulls, yawns & the world wide wobble...

…”How the web lost its way–the world wide wobble”…

At issue apparently is, that 24 years ago when the world wide web came to be, it wasn’t envisaged that an… 195 more words

key holder

Don’t ever toss the keys to your dreams to anyone else.

Chris Hogan tweet, @ChrisHogan360

There is only one person who should hold the key to your dreams.

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Blog Jots


Hard I may try
I could not soar high
Stuck on the surface
scratched by sand
I can’t wait to leave
this dusty, barren land 143 more words