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Screw you Monday.

Good evening, Kathy. It’s Monday.

On Saturday my cats spilled a litre of cream on my bed. That was an hour of my life I would rather have done something else. 282 more words

Real Life

HICCUP...the act of catching one's breath while sobbing...

That’s me. That’s ME!

Actually, It’s just my “Gravatar” handle.

HICCUP: Latin for the act of catching one’s breath while sobbing.


It Screams Cliché

I wondered what we looked like to strangers walking past, a couple of mismatched lovebirds holding hands. Exactly the type of people I would look at with disgust. 270 more words

wake up

dreams make my heart sob
but i refuse to wake up
to the morning sun


I love Sammy!

I am a librarian at a local elementary school and I have the privilege to have the youngest girl (pictured above) in one of my classes. 94 more words

Before MTC

How to get Through a Major Character Death

Most readers will agree that once your favorite character dies, a part of you does too. You spend the majority of your time face down on the ground in what I like to call the “carpets are absorbent for a reason” position like so: 136 more words


Of what it could be…

It’s not that he never cries, but when he does, he usually knows it’s coming, and he keeps feeling like he can stop it if he would really try, and then it makes him feel kind of guilty to cry even though he can “not cry.”  It makes him feel fake.  But when he cried this morning on hearing her voice, he knew it was not fake.  He still tried to stop it, and he did actually succeed, but still couldn’t stop sobbing. 140 more words

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