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// C O O L K I D S //

I love travelling. Well, I think I just like to go everywhere as long as it’s fun. And as I wrote before, the first week of my second last semester Me and my friends, Ardee, Annhesh and Kay, we went to penang. 268 more words

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Hey Dirtbag...

Already can’t catch my breathe…..
Here’s to no uncontrollable sobbing in the classroom….

He was my self-injury… my tool. I’m alone now.  I won’t go back to the razors… they hurt.  132 more words


Are you a Book Crier? Top 10 Books To Make You Cry

This blog post is the Top 10 books that have made me cry. Genuine sobfest type books. Books you know you shouldn’t read in public places, but you can’t stop. 231 more words

Things that may happen before an exam

So, my exams were about to begin, and I was at school on Thursday, our last Physics class before the exams begin. And I was still clueless as to what was happening. 249 more words

Trauma from the Inside Out

Aftershocks. The first few times they came, they shook me to the core. Was it happening again? My mind knew it was over, that I was safe, but… 751 more words