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Chunky Monkey and Period Panties

It would be just like me to create a blog and then never use it.

To pay for the domain and everything, post one post, and forget the thing ever existed. 581 more words

Reflection #2


Whoever actually reads this, by this time must have noticed that I have stopped with the moaning and sobbing. Well maybe not the moaning. Everything is still there. 216 more words

// C O O L K I D S //

I love travelling. Well, I think I just like to go everywhere as long as it’s fun. And as I wrote before, the first week of my second last semester Me and my friends, Ardee, Annhesh and Kay, we went to penang. 268 more words

Rate My Life - SUCKS!

Hey Dirtbag...

Already can’t catch my breathe…..
Here’s to no uncontrollable sobbing in the classroom….

He was my self-injury… my tool. I’m alone now.  I won’t go back to the razors… they hurt.  132 more words