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Acupuncture, An "Out of The Norm" Path Toward Healing

Three months ago I started to go to acupuncture specifically for grief and depression, I had benefited from acupuncture before for other ailments such as insomnia and allergies, so I had thought about trying it for grief for a long time, but like many things since John died, I had to get brave enough to do it, to step into yet another unknown. 1,036 more words

Writing While Crying

Just as the title says, I’m sobbing from my own writing. Is that a good thing or a bad thing…? I can’t tell…. I can hear my heart breaking ; w;.


Chunky Monkey and Period Panties

It would be just like me to create a blog and then never use it.

To pay for the domain and everything, post one post, and forget the thing ever existed. 581 more words

Reflection #2


Whoever actually reads this, by this time must have noticed that I have stopped with the moaning and sobbing. Well maybe not the moaning. Everything is still there. 216 more words

// C O O L K I D S //

I love travelling. Well, I think I just like to go everywhere as long as it’s fun. And as I wrote before, the first week of my second last semester Me and my friends, Ardee, Annhesh and Kay, we went to penang. 268 more words

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