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I was more interested in wine-o’clock than I was in life-o’clock

If you’re not on the micro-email list, then you missed this email I sent out last week. It got a LOT of feedback below. Thought I’d share it here today. 867 more words


It's about time

There comes a time when you need to stop reading, reliving ‘bad’ stories, and instead pick up the pen and write your own story. The new story. 281 more words


Yellow Flowers for a Treat

Thanks to the Tiny Gift Button

Used some tiny gift money to get myself some flowers this morning.
Slept 10 hrs last night (!), went for a small run, then got these flowers at the… 47 more words


roast turkey and cranberry sandwiches

I’m doing it again. What do i want my life to look like? being sober has given me this gigantic space to fill… the rest of my life :) and some days i have my head down, just doing my thing.And other days, like now, I stop and look up, look around, and I think: going forward what do I want to do? 183 more words


the passion project (sample video #2)

in a previous post, i mentioned that I have an art wolfie. he comes out when i want to create something new, telling me that i’m not good enough. 196 more words


100 Day Challenge celebrates ...

Exactly one year ago today the 100 Day Sober Challenge was born on this site.  March 14, 2013. Holy long time batman. Since then I’ve emailed — at least once — 908 people. 524 more words


the rules? they've gotta go.

i am a blamer. i see that now that i’m on my own. when my husband is here, he does most of the housekeeping. i like the dishes done after supper. 548 more words