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Medicine Will Never Cure Alcoholism.

A couple of online conversations have me thinking. I’m about to put forth a fairly long “No True Scotsman” description of alcoholism. I am friends with a bunch of neuroscientists. 1,400 more words


Drunk Mom by Jowita Bydlowska

Drunk Mom: A Memoir
by Jowita Bydlowska

I was contacted by the author’s publicist a few months back with a request that I read and review this book, a memoir of alcoholism.  526 more words


Week Twelve - How "We" Cherish Alcohol

I am 91 days sober today! Around this time in sobriety, I know that I must be on my guard. All relapses are lessons learned, and what I have learned from my relapses is around 3 months into sobriety my mind will start to play tricks. 1,158 more words


Stronger with Support.

I have another friend tell me he supports my sobriety.  I started to cry. I was so happy and relieved.  He is a huge part of a group of party friends. 365 more words


4 Months of Sobriety~

This past Saturday I celebrated 4 months of sobriety~ my longest streak ever. However I am not going for a streak anymore, or participating in a challenge, or following a special diet. 587 more words


Day 18: Remembering many tanked-faced memories...

I don’t know where it all went so wrong. I used to be okay drinking most of the time, and then I would have that annual shit-faced night that ended up with my husband not talking to me for days and me not remembering why or what I did/said to spur his hatred of me for drinking. 462 more words


Letting Go of the Fight

I’ve decided that from now on, I’m going to put my body first, to prioritise it over my mind. I realised recently that I’ve never done this, not consistently. 1,236 more words

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