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there you go baby
i’ve stopped drinking again
i know i’ve said it
a thousand times
but i’m falling off
of tables and
ending up under… 23 more words

As I lay my head down tonight

As I lay my head down tonight,
I feel a pungent gratitude
for the moment
when the temperature dropped
and the air shifted–
and I knew my heart was coming back to life.


I Am Those Birds

There are times I wonder about this whole thing we do.  This recovery thing.  Why I am here and some other person just like me is out there still suffering in silence?  937 more words




Alcoholics and addicts have innumerable things in common, one being that we are always in pursuit of an easier, softer way. Whether in day to day life, the process of getting clean, or even in recovery, we often search for quick painless shortcuts to get what we want, without putting in the footwork. 61 more words


Irreplaceable (Day 6)

Sometimes, when words are not flowing from your own Spirit, you seek inspiration through the words of someone else…

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. 66 more words

Day 77 - Friday August 15, 2014

Prayer: The only constant in my spiritual condition is change. I cannot rely on yesterday’s program. Today, I seek new spiritual growth through prayer and action. 679 more words


Don't Turn Your Back on Someone Who Slips

We live and learn. Each day in sobriety is another opportunity to learn new lessons, meet new friends who get it, and a chance to improve the quality of our life. 444 more words


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Straight up post from Paige at My Serenity Journey on the value of an AA community that is worth investing time and trust.

"Silence can be deadly for an alcoholic. When we don’t reach out for help when we need it, we risk our sobriety. What I have found here in my new AA community since moving across the country has been priceless. I've met women who care, listen, and support me, and that in turn makes me want to offer the same love and compassion..."

Good stuff from a valuable colleague who is bringing a challenge to the table. Read it all.