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Day 12.

My weekend was fine. Quiet but busy with packing and prepping for a trip up to my new apartment and FRETTING. I didn’t even want a drink all weekend. 164 more words


Surrender, Letting Go, Relinquishing Control

Right now I’m struggling to find the gratitude in a work situation. I am working with a teacher to help change the behavior of a kid with some dangerous behaviors. 251 more words

Sober Habits

Active addicts live in a constant state of chaos. There is always- ALWAYS- a reason to worry (will I be able to drink at this thing? 1,274 more words


Thanks for asking!

A couple of people have stopped by my page recently to check in. i appreciate your using your brain cells on me and happy to tell you i’m still happy! 105 more words


Sleeping Beauty

We hear the phrase one day at a time frequently in recovery, but what about nights? After all, many of us were night owls prior to getting clean, and suffer insomnia and sleep disturbances once we are sober. 140 more words

another day

Another day, another . . . . day sober :) I have no news to report. I just felt I needed to write. I get new followers all the time and feel that they are looking for answers, for help, for an “aha”, or just plain want confirmation that they are not alone. 439 more words

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Debbie at Dangling on the Edge flat out rocks with this awesome post about another day sober.

You understand that voice in your head (wolfie) is NOT you. It is that voice which tries to convince you one drink is okay. That you deserve it, that you need it, that you MUST have it to get through whatever. Knowing it’s there, knowing that you are not a bad person, knowing it can be controlled is more than half the battle. Sure, it’s hard but remember, it’s the alcohol talking. You are not weak nor are you stupid. You know what’s going on. It’s just a matter of being ready to deal with it and conquer it.

This is good stuff. Go read the whole thing. Now.

The day continues - no plan so far

The day continued. I am back to normal. Not depressed, not suicidal, just a little tired and still awed by what happened last night. And yes, blaming me because I should have known better. 431 more words