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I’m tired of Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest, and to some extent my blog. I just feel so blah, and going on all those social sites makes me feel even more blah. 752 more words


The Lost Art of Face-To-Face Interactions-Think about it

“Conditioning obstructs our view of reality- We do not see ‘IT’ in its suchness because of our indoctrination, crooked and twisted” -Bruce Lee


Social Media
Sense the dawn of man communication has been an important tool used to advance knowledge, and the overall quality of life. In business it is vital to create an environment of social interaction that… 173 more words

Business Communication

9/15/14- "I'm just not good at that whole Instagram Twitter thing..."

So today starts the week of another giveaway. This week we are giving away a set of speakers, only the speaker giveaway will be going for the whole week rather than one day like the headphones were. 221 more words

The human race and what we are losing.

Imagine, just for a moment, that there had been some monumental catastrophic disaster. There were survivors but everything had turned to rubble.
Money no longer had value, there was no longer electricity and survival had become something you had to strive for. 652 more words

A Movie About Children Dying Of Cancer Was This Summer’s Most Talked About Film On Social Media

I’m not sure when teenagers learned to talk. Growing up, we were all supposed to be sullen/uncommunicative/moody. Then all of a sudden, the WB/Dawson’s Creek… 352 more words

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