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Play is like oxygen

“When we lack that feeling of lightness in what we do it should be taken as a warning sign. It should be as alarming as chest pain or shortness of breath when we climb stairs, a high blood sugar reading, [-p.150] or anemia. 173 more words

Social And Political Contexts

How schools came to serve the state

Arguing for changes to the structure of ‘schooling’ we employ in countries like New Zealand and the USA, Peter Gray provides a┬áhistory of what we know as schools, beginning with an explanation of… 1,367 more words

Understanding Education

Societal violence and the treatment of children

I’m still taking notes from Peter Gray’s Free to Learn:

“…recently, research involving many types of societies has shown systematic relationships between a society’s structure and its treatment of children… 206 more words

Social And Political Contexts

Age segregation vs mixed-age learning

I’m rather enjoying Peter Gray’s Free to Learn… consider some of what he writes on the segregation of children according to age in school: 351 more words

Social And Political Contexts