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No Vote Means Change - Scottish Independence

This article has a ring of truth about it for me

A NO VOTE IS NOT A VOTE FOR NO CHANGE By Peter Arnott, published in… 170 more words

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Foreign Countries - rUK and Scotland

One of the fears being put about regarding Scottish Independence is that the rest of the UK will become a foreign country like alien, unwelcoming, to be avoided. 165 more words

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Westminster Cabinet Reshuffle - Scottish Independence

Most commentators seem to agree that the Westminster government has now taken a further step towards exiting the EU and the Convention on Human Rights. This certainly affects the considerations surrounding the Independence referendum. 112 more words

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No Matter - Yes Or No - Scottish Independence

Robert Peston’s BBC programme Scotland: For Richer or Poorer was interesting even if it didn’t reveal anything startling. His interview with the man from the Institute of Fiscal Studies was bland, but Sir Philip Cohen of Dundee University thought that we would not have access to the large pot of research money in the UK. 208 more words

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Meeting someone special in your life adds all kinds of wonderful complexity to a life. I wrote this song shortly after reconnecting with my sweetheart. May you find inspiration in its melodic prose. 18 more words

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Threats to US National Security Interests In Space: Satellite Information Technology and Physical Security



     America’s reliance on space based technology has never been greater. Since the days of Alexander Graham Bell, the early days of the Discoverer Mission… 4,054 more words

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I wrote this song a while ago when going through some difficult times. It’s a song of hope and about sticking it out through tough times. 12 more words

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