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Understanding The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

     Recent headlines were peppered by an Islamic organization which threatened Chicago and the Whitehouse. Rather than a demonstration of capability, their public relations campaign sought to elicit fear from ordinary Americans. 2,128 more words

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Scottish Independence - NHS Urgent

Better Together and their pals are suggesting that the NHS is safe in Scotland because it is a fully devolved matter. That is absolutely true. But… 154 more words

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It's Not The System but People that Fail In the Intelligence Community

A careful review of James Q. Wilson’s book length work develops questions about the Intelligence Community and its effectiveness. When Wilson describes the importance of culture in Chapter 6 of Bureaucracy, and offers several examples of collectivist approaches based upon focus and rewards that define the outcomes of majority groups with in the organization, it echoes other sociological explorations that attempt to understand inner-city violence and the incarceration of mostly young-men though, “The system,” (Wilson 1989).  2,100 more words

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Scottish Independence - The Undecideds

What would persuade the Undecideds?

I think there are many people who are worried that an independent Scotland will be dominated by Alex Salmond and the SNP. 191 more words

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Scottish Independence - Tax Powers

All three main Westminster parties have pledged to devolve some tax raising powers to Scotland after a No vote.

We already are able to vary income tax and no government in Holyrood has taken this on because by itself it is a poisoned chalice. 134 more words

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Scottish Independence - New Jobs

It is simplistic to argue that new jobs and  better employment prospects will automatically flow from independence. What should be easier will be the creation of the conditions for that improvement. 178 more words


Scottish Independence - Where We Are

David Torrance in his book “Battle for Britain” argues for a federal UK. If this had been taken forward at the time of the original referendum in 1979 it might have been an ideal solution. 71 more words

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