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Scottish Independence - Will Hutton Against

Will Hutton makes his case for imaginative thinking by Westminster in the last ten days of the campaign to stop the breakup of the UK. In this paragraph be succinctly explains why we in Scotland have had enough of the Union… 313 more words

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Scottish Independence - Endgame

I have the feeling that everything worth saying about Scottish Independence has now been said. Ron Ferguson in the Press & Journal summarises the debate clearly. 150 more words

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Understanding The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

     Recent headlines were peppered by an Islamic organization which threatened Chicago and the Whitehouse. Rather than a demonstration of capability, their public relations campaign sought to elicit fear from ordinary Americans. 2,128 more words

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Scottish Independence - NHS Urgent

Better Together and their pals are suggesting that the NHS is safe in Scotland because it is a fully devolved matter. That is absolutely true. But… 154 more words

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