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  The winters in Indiana have a heavy but clean cold that silences the noise after a snowfall. When the eastern sun creaks over the horizon you find this amazing glow across the land and this inspired this work. 13 more words

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Snowden and Manning, While Correct About Civil Liberties, Injure US Interests


The US Intelligence Community has made recent headlines in the Long War with information leaks coming from individuals such as Edward Snowden, Chelsey Manning, and the expulsion of the station chief in Germany (Greenwald 2013; Poulsen and Zetter 2010; A. 4,422 more words

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Commonwealth Games - Scottish Independence

Watching the opening ceremony last night it struck me how many small nations and regions go to make up the Commonwealth and  how many were never part of the British Empire but have asked to join in recent years. 113 more words

Social And Politics

Gay Adoption Seen With The Eyes Of A Child

Adopting a child is the most altruistic gesture anyone could do.  It’s about offering unconditioned love to a child that is not yours.  If you think this is difficult, think for a moment… 472 more words

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SNP Presumes Too Much - Scottish Independence

In November 2013 I wrote that the SNP were somehow assuming that they had the right to decide the future of Scotland after a Yes vote ( 153 more words

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No Vote Means Change - Scottish Independence

This article has a ring of truth about it for me

A NO VOTE IS NOT A VOTE FOR NO CHANGE By Peter Arnott, published in… 170 more words

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Foreign Countries - rUK and Scotland

One of the fears being put about regarding Scottish Independence is that the rest of the UK will become a foreign country like alien, unwelcoming, to be avoided. 165 more words

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