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Genomics Medicine Centres

11 Genomics Medical Centres are to be created by NHS England as announced this morning., http://www.bbc.com/news/health-30558112 .

On the Radio 4 Today programme the question was raised as to the security of patients private information. 49 more words

Social And Politics

Scottish Independence–What next?

It is most important that we continue to capitalise on the surge of political activity which so energised the Yes campaign.

However what can realistically be done or campaigned for? 152 more words

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After Shock of the Scottish Referendum

I have not written my blog since the referendum. I was so appalled by the result, so near and yet so far but more especially about how much of what I feared has since come true. 255 more words

Food For Thought

The 'untouchable' lightness of reality

My opinion piece on the controversy that followed the latest IHDS-II caste survey results on ‘untouchability’. Essentially a rebuttal to the “survey methodology was questionable” and “project to malign Hinduism” arguments from the Hindu right-wing libertarian quarters has been published at Bodhi Commons. You can read it here.