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It's Gonna Be A Week

Today was a restful day. After crying for many hours last night I seemed to have gotten some of the emotional build up out. I also had some nightmares. 192 more words


My Little Brother is Leaving for the Army (and I’m So Far Behind)

My little brother is leaving for Army basic training on Monday. He’s two years younger than me and just graduated high school a month and a half ago. 536 more words


My Experience with Psychotropic Medication

*Trigger Warning*

Almost two years ago, I started to see my second therapist. From the first session on, she was insistent that my anxiety needed medicated. 523 more words


Therapy, CPN & Psychiatrist

Firstly, just a quick update on the therapy. It turns out it wasn’t my last therapy appointment, I’ve to go one more time next week. It wasn’t planned but the therapist doesn’t seem happy with my seeing a psychiatrist as she’s worried I’ll be slapped on some meds and forgotten about. 599 more words

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Sale day anxiety

When I first arrived at the shop on Friday night, one of the other temporary people signed in at the same time as me and introduced herself to me as we walked to the staff room. 1,526 more words

Social Anxiety

Temporary Job

After applying for a temporary retail job a few weeks ago, I was contacted by phone and asked to do a phone interview right there and then. 699 more words

Social Anxiety

Summer job search and my first job interview

Over the last two summers, I have tried, with very little success (until very recently – post coming about this later), to get a summer job. 562 more words

Social Anxiety