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Picking The Right Foods Will Help Decrease Your Anxiety

Whether you deal with anxiety every day or if you only deal with it every once in a while, it will typically hit every person sometime in their lives. 618 more words


I started talking about something stupid, something that wasn’t the thing I wanted to talk about. Then I couldn’t seem to re-direct myself over how vehemently angry I was about this stupid work thing that wasn’t the thing that I wanted to talk about anyway, while the thing I wanted to talk about lurked under the surface. 681 more words

Just venting.

I know I’ve barely been participating on the internet for the past week or so, particularly in the WordPress community. I’ve been good lately, although right now I’ve dipped down a little bit low again (certainly not back to where I was, though!), and I want to write about it and work out why. 780 more words

Stress Management Courses-One Way to Overcome Stress

There are plenty of ways to handle stress. But, people soon realize that taking stress management courses are easy to do and will help them to reduce their stress. 527 more words


Yelling Out My Name

Whenever someone speaks in front of our student body or is shown up on a video screen before daily chapel, one of two things usually happens. 705 more words

Depression And Anxiety Recovery

All it takes is for one person to stand up in a crowd...

In the past few weeks a few instances have come up that have reminded me of the systemic stigma that still exists in our society around mental health. 836 more words

Practicing Self Awareness - Part One

Most people are externally directed and see themselves through other people’s eyes. In and of itself, this is not a bad thing,  but if the only way you see yourself is from this very limited point of view, it can prevent you from seeing who you really are at your innermost self.   889 more words