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Twists and Turns of 27

And anxiety ensued, as it was likely to:

I turned 27 this past Sunday, and my dad got me a membership to the YMCA. Mostly because my doctor said swimming would be good for me. 1,153 more words

On Motherhood & Social Awkwardness

Since becoming a mom and 2009, I have become even more socially awkward. So socially awkward that my sixteen year old self literally cringes with embarrassment whenever I have to socialize. 286 more words


Very Inspiring blog award

Hey just got nominated for the very inspiring blog award by Osername over at Mentally Questionable.  While I don’t nominate and do all that I do recognize my nominator and suggest you check out their site.   388 more words

Background Information


Staring is a really weird marvel. I, myself, have a good friend who stares a little too long at things and people. No judgment, right? I did some research a while back, and staring is often a manifestation of feeling insecure about yourself. 416 more words


I might just be bursting

In group therapy today, I heard a term that I never heard of before: extinction burst.

I’ve been doing my best to practice mindfulness and CBT. 172 more words

Mental Illness

Strategy 3: Writing

This update is a couple of days late, so I apologize! I recently got my learner’s permit and I went applying for jobs yesterday.  Since I got my permit, I’ve been going out to parking lots with my dad and trying to drive. 409 more words


My status ?

Still on Depakote, today the dose was doubled.

I started crying again but not as often as before.

Have to keep my mind busy with trivial shit so I don’t think. 260 more words