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Jumping off an airplane

I have come to the realization in the last few years of my life that I have a good amount of social anxiety. Of course, this is completely self-diagnosed and I have not bothered to look up a proper definition of the term. 376 more words


That Ole Jingle

I received some hopeful news about my jingle today. The board members at the healthcare establishment are finally going to gather about it. The worst case is that they will elect not to use it. 195 more words

Bipolar Disorder

An Intro to Introversion

A Facebook friend just shared this image. Innocuous to most. Funny to others. But I gotta tell you, it really got my goat.

But let me back up a bit. 420 more words


2 Months and 12 Days

I had a really bad improv class this week. I was so hard on myself and got hyper-defensive when my teacher would call me on how I would get upset when I messed up. 997 more words

When Life and Love Collide: Debra's Story

Life events, such as being in significant relationships and switching professions, play a great part in affecting our moods and day-to-day functioning.

Having a keen sense of insight and self-awareness, Debra identifies these two major stressors which had led to her depression and anxiety, and what it means to lose something, only to gain something far greater. 1,429 more words

Tapestry Stories

Below Still Waters

So I have this Word file on my laptop entitled “Below Still Waters,” and it’s become a kind of journal for me. I have an actual journal that I write in sometimes, but there are times when my thoughts are coming too quickly to write longhand, or at a time when I’m sitting at my laptop, and it’s just more convenient to type them rather than write them down. 883 more words

Social Anxiety


I never used to like introductions, in either the books I read or in the whole “Hi, I’m so-and-so, what’s your name?” way, but my dislike for that latter way was mostly because of my social anxiety. 319 more words

Social Anxiety