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Came across this on Facebook tonight and it spoke to me.

Courage comes in many different forms, especially when you suffer from anxiety.

Celebrate your successes… 31 more words


Twists and Turns of 27

And anxiety ensued, as it was likely to:

I turned 27 this past Sunday, and my dad got me a membership to the YMCA. Mostly because my doctor said swimming would be good for me. 1,153 more words

On Motherhood & Social Awkwardness

Since becoming a mom and 2009, I have become even more socially awkward. So socially awkward that my sixteen year old self literally cringes with embarrassment whenever I have to socialize. 286 more words


Very Inspiring blog award

Hey just got nominated for the very inspiring blog award by Osername over at Mentally Questionable.  While I don’t nominate and do all that I do recognize my nominator and suggest you check out their site.   388 more words

Background Information


Staring is a really weird marvel. I, myself, have a good friend who stares a little too long at things and people. No judgment, right? I did some research a while back, and staring is often a manifestation of feeling insecure about yourself. 416 more words


I might just be bursting

In group therapy today, I heard a term that I never heard of before: extinction burst.

I’ve been doing my best to practice mindfulness and CBT. 172 more words

Mental Illness

Strategy 3: Writing

This update is a couple of days late, so I apologize! I recently got my learner’s permit and I went applying for jobs yesterday.  Since I got my permit, I’ve been going out to parking lots with my dad and trying to drive. 409 more words