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"The Wrench in the Works" - My Daily Skirmishes with Executive Function Deficits

I’ve been trying very hard this morning to break down the nebulous concept of “Executive Function” into something simple and easy to understand. But my executive function deficits keep getting in the way. 2,413 more words

Autism Acceptance

Selective Mutism

Imagine being a hyper active three year old child running around, talking a mile a minute, playing with your older siblings, loving on your stuffies every chance you get and in general being a happy go lucky little person. 602 more words

A To Z


I’m shuddering

at the touch of voices

in my hair

a kiss to my temple

somehow more menacing

than a blow

gentler threats hitting harder… 84 more words

Horcruxes? Kind of.

I think little pieces of my soul are embedded in others. Well, not just in others, but in trips, laughter, and places. 

Sometimes my social anxiety takes my beliefs on finding those pieces of my soul, and demolishes it. 108 more words


Social anxiety in high school

Teaching teenagers and getting to know them is fascinating, and often makes me think about my own teenage years, and how defining they were for me. 938 more words


Perfomance Anxiety in Everyday Social Situations

Another way that thought can create anxiety is called performance anxiety. I think that’s the name though that could be to do with sex though if it is then it is just a particular example of the general rule I wish to pontificate upon today. 385 more words



I really hate doors in public places. They stress me out. I hate touching them because everyone touched them, but the big problem is other people. 168 more words