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The Nettle Less Grasped? Business, the voluntary sector and developing social capital

The recent conference in London on Inclusive Capitalism has, once again, raised the thorny and uncomfortable issue of the relationship between the business sector and wider society. 578 more words

Youth Focus: North East

Der Todd des Euro

Part 1. The French anthropologist-demographer Emmanuel Todd, who is becoming increasingly fashionable in the Anglosphere, is also a scathing critic of the euro. I examine his “anthropological” views of Germany and the euro, which I also contrast with those of  3,187 more words


The "Anthropology" of Financial Crises

Continued from Part 1 “Der Todd des Euro” (Emmanuel Todd on the euro), which examined his “anthropological” perspective on Germany. Here I make some observations on the role of social capital in financial crises.


An aspie and work and life in general

Aspies do work. In fact, given the chance and in the right environment we can be very good workers. If the job is in the field of our special interest, so much the better. 455 more words


cfp: International Conference at Department of Political Science, GC University, Lahore, Pakistan. November 12–14, 2014


The Department of Political Science, GC University, Lahore, is organizing a Three-Day International Conference on Local Representation of Power in South Asia to be held on November 12–14, 2014. 737 more words


Local Economic Development as the End and Means of Recovering from Natural Disasters

It is said that when natural disasters and calamities strike, everyone is equal. Nobody is exempted from its wrath. It minds no social status and everyone has an equal footing – no rich and poor, no developed or developing countries, no big and micro enterprises, no businessman or farmer – everyone is a victim. 917 more words


Warming My hART to Happiness

My icy attitude towards the ‘burbs began to melt one wintery Friday evening as I stepped into the Robert McLaughlin Gallery for the first time. I had heard that there was a nice gallery in downtown Oshawa, but I didn’t really believe it. 966 more words