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Crisis and Trust

Authors: Maxim Ananyev and Sergei Guriev, CEFIR

Our research uses the 2008-2009-crisis experience in Russia to identify the relationship between income and trust. In 2009, Russian GDP fell an 8-percent drop in 2009. 1,658 more words


How a Sexy Pair of Red Shoes Can Change Your Life, or Why I Want Your Heart to Burst

When I was little, in the early 1970‘s my sister and I had dark wood-paneled rooms in the basement of a small red brick house in a suburb of Arlington, Virginia. 1,355 more words

AAE500: Optimizing Pivot Groups via Applied MHR....

Is it possible to use the Pivot Groups to “cover more ground” (readings, busy work, etc.) more efficiently, thus allowing more “quality time” for higher return AAE500 activities (e.g., researching your business plan, talking to knowledgeable persons, etc.)??? 767 more words

Class Lectures

The New HR, Social Capital and Love

At #HRPA2015, I attended Jon Ingham’s presentation on the “new HR”.

I picked Jon’s session to attend because even though he is a UK-based professional and therefore you might think that he and I don’t operate in the same circles, I have indeed met him before. 553 more words

HRPA 2015

Why I'm a little sour on crowdfunding

Here’s an idea for a new way to fund science: We can just create websites about our projects, and then ask taxpayers to vote for competing research proposals, based on which ones they see on social media. 751 more words

Bowling Together

I have finally, after meaning to for years, begun reading Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone.  It chronicles the decline of social capital in America, represented by our weakening ties to each other and our communities.   313 more words

A Guide to Developing Social Leadership

Formal authority is bestowed by the organisation: codified in position within a hierarchy. It’s the power and influence of last resort, backed up by “ 561 more words