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Networking Chatter:

For an entrepreneur, the ability to forge connections is a great asset. When you’re conducting business in a field where you don’t have specialist expertise, it’s often the only way to get a job done right.

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Relationship Capital

INspire Impact 2014 Showcase

It was a evening of INspiration and INsight at last week’s INspire Impact 2014 Showcase. INspire Impact is Inspiring Capital’s inaugural fellowship program matching MBAs with social ventures. 186 more words

Impact Investing

The Dream Explodes

In his poem Dream Deferred, Langston Hughes asked:  “What happens to a dream deferred ?”  Sixty three years later, we have found an answer in Ferguson, Missouri. 605 more words

From big to small countries: “make democracy work better” in a globalized world?

From city states in the ancient Greece (the poleis from where the name politics comes) to the Empires in Europe, Asia and America that lasted for many centuries, and then to the Nation States of today, the political entities in our planet seems to have followed cycles of expansion (from small to big size) and reduction (from big again to smaller). 786 more words

James S. Luckey Community Impact (December 2012)

In 1982, my mother at the age of twenty immigrated to America from Sweden. The one thing that fascinated her was this country’s vibrant civic culture, characterized by volunteers involving themselves in the affairs of their communities. 955 more words

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