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A warm smile, a big heart

Do you still remember the time we requested for food items for our low-income families?

I had always wanted to go together with the driver to deliver the groceries to the low-income families. 288 more words


Social Capital and Place

After I accepted the job offer from Yale, I began looking for housing remotely, from Michigan. At the time, I had been separated from my son’s father for less than three months, and was not confident about traveling to a new city alone with my 18-month old to look at apartments. 1,416 more words

Evolutions in Leadership

Evolution is about change over generations: about adaptation to suit the prevailing environment. It’s not a fast process, but it has an inevitability, and we all know what happens to the losers. 757 more words


Community Sourced Capital - triple-bottom-line thrift

strange though it may seem at first, the Sustainability Party feature for April is also our first feature of, yes, actually, a sustainable bank… 497 more words


Trust, the public library, integration, Norway…and Scottish Independence.

So I’m moving toward dissertation completion when a new article pops up in my alerts…and I’m back to Vårheim again!

I’d like to take a look at a recently published article by Andreas Vårheim: “Trust and the role of the public library in the integration of refugees: The case of a Northern Norwegian city”. 795 more words

A thought about urban parks...

If in a city we had six vacant lots available to the youngsters of a certain neighborhood for playing ball, it might be ‘development’ to build houses on the first, and the second, and the third, and the fourth, and even the fifth, but when we build houses on the last one, we forget what houses are for. 12 more words


Can we keep social spaces social in a networked world?

Some moves in France this week to legislate that employees turn off their smartphones and work email at 6pm. It’s a move intended to give protection from the creeping erosion of the divide between… 553 more words

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