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Day thirty-two: Making a fool of oneself

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This started out as a piece of writing relating my misadventures in having something break down on me, yet functioning whenever I need to demonstrate its broken state to someone. 912 more words

A Hundred Days Of Writing

New Depths Of Cruelty: He Is Turning Friends Against Me

Just when I thought that Z, my abuser, could not sink any lower, he exceeds expectations yet again.

It appears that he’s trying to turn our mutual friends against me, presumably so that if I decide to go ahead and press charges against him, they will not believe me and will stand by him instead. 291 more words

My Journey To Justice

The 10 People You Absolutely Need In Your Life

I’ve made it a point to detox-the people in my life: to rid the people that weigh me down and concentrate on the people that lift me up. 2,814 more words

Ever tried to clear your throat and choked yourself into a coughing fit?

So I have the house to myself for the weekend, which means I’m doing what I do every weekend – movies in bed until ungodly hours. 482 more words

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