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Red,Yellow and Green? - First time driving ever.

인간은 일어나지도 않은 일들을 먼저 걱정하며 더 많은 스트레스를 자신에게 선물한다. 낙관적이기로 유명한, 오히려 그래서 가끔은 생각이 부족할때가 있는 나 자신에게 최근 엄청난 집중적 스트레스가 밀려왔었다. 

Social Circles

Girl Groups and Signs

Girl groups. I’d definitely say its more of a thing in women although there are a fair share of boy bands and created/fictional unisex social circles (The show Friends for example). 592 more words



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Title: Popular
Author: Maya Van Wagenen
Publishing Info: New York: Penguin Group, 2014
Book review: This book was precious.  I absolutely wish this book was around when I was younger and would encourage all young teens or pre-teens to read this book.   517 more words

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Day thirty-two: Making a fool of oneself

<- Day thirty-one

This started out as a piece of writing relating my misadventures in having something break down on me, yet functioning whenever I need to demonstrate its broken state to someone. 912 more words

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